Thursday, December 10, 2020

Are you an Aspiring Singer? Then this Online Singing Workshop Now Streaming On Tumblr is for YOU, Absolutely FREE

Anybody that wants to learn to sing can jump straight into my singing workshops currently streaming on Tumblr. You don't have to be a pro, you can be just an average Joe wannabe singer and you're welcome to join.

In my first installment I have recorded a short arpeggios exercise, nothing fancy, just a simple MP3 audio recording in my voice studio, but it does deliver the piano scales in audio format. More scales will be gradually added to the workshops.

How to do the exercise

Simply follow instructions on tape. Only come in where it's comfortable for you and end the workout where you feel you can't go any further. Never push nor strain your voice.

Get started TODAY, by visiting my Tumblr blog. (Links below). 

Joett Workshops Breathing Exercise

Joett Workshops Exercise #1

Joett Workshops Exercise #2

Join Talent Showcase Africa WhatsApp Group (in English) here!

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JOETT - Got U On My Mind (Acoustic)

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