Friday, June 26, 2020

A Reality Check for Singers who think you can get by with Just Talent

Want to Sing Like a Pro?

Struggling with your singing voice? 

In this article I tell a few hard truths about the business of singing, AND I outline the solution to resolving your vocal issues.

If you were under the impression that talent alone is enough to take you from zero to hero as a singer, and yet in secret you struggle to deliver those seemingly basic notes in the studio AND on stage... and you’re finding it hard to admit [even] to yourself thatafter all, it MUST take more than just TALENT to become a better singer, this article will aim to open up that space for you, and help you better understand what it really takes to improve your singing voice.

Have I struck a chord?

The more you care to consider what you’re missing out on for lack of vocal training, the more you’ll want to find out about what professional voice coaching can do for your career.

Well, I know there’s always the YouTube video that hands out random tips on how to improve your singing voice, but if you’ve tried learning to sing using these videos you’ll probably have found out the hard way that it isn’t so easy.

And I will explain why.

Nothing beats private coaching. There’s so much more about any individual’s vocal problems that you cannot even begin to address with one-size-fits-all downloadable mp3 products and video illustration. 

And this is why, even though I DO offer similar products myself, I’ve had to go the extra mile so as to become more accessible via WhatsApp because I’ve learned from experience that a lot of folk downloading such voice training products are using the training programs incorrectlyOR in a way that does not address their individual vocal issues—and without proper guidance, left to their own devices, they tend to achieve very little.

And so you’re going to be surprised to find just how much more you stand to gain just by working with a voice coach one-on-one.

I remember a good testimonial from Luther Vandross about a book and audio training product he’d purchased, and this is what he said.

“A couple of years ago, Stevie Wonder put me on a counsel phone hook-up with Seth and we arranged to start some voice study. Soon I became involved in Seth’s technique. I bought the book and also sat in on lessons with a junior “Star Search” winner who got a contract with CBS Records (whom I was producing). Seth’s vocal approach makes the high notes solid and easy, with no need to resort to falsetto (unless for some special effect). This approach is a valuable addition to making your styling easy, always available and extending the life of your voice.”

So, books and audio downloads are a great help, but private sessions with a professional voice coachspeaking from my own experience as a coachgo a long way toward helping you realize your full potential as a singer, as whatever is done in training will be tailored to correcting YOUR individual vocal issues. Not that of another person—just YOU, personally!

If you’re the kind of person that wants to become a better singer, I do sincerely hope this article has shed a bit more light on what it takes to become a far better singing version of yourself.

Want to Get Started? 

Take a look at my comprehensive voice training packages below, and you're welcome to join my International WhatsApp Group here

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 1

This involves private tuition inside my studio. (You’ll find information on my Skype training here). A program comprises a total of 10 hours broken up into one hour per session. In other words, every private session with me runs for one full hour. My studio is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 11am till 8.30pm East African Time.

In this program you’ll get an introduction to speech level singing technique with intensive vocal drill workouts on piano to help rebalance your voice, extend your range AND mend the bridges.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 2

In Level 2 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set, but I will be throwing into this program some truly amazing Funky n' Fun Vocal Workouts Parts 1 & 2 to help you develop your musicality.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 3

In Level 3 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set, but I will be throwing into this program more advanced Funky n' Fun Vocal Workouts, again, to further develop your sense of music and to introduce you to some of the main musical vocabulary all musicians should know.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 4

In Level 4 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set, but I will be alternating this with a more jazz, blues, pop R&B vocal workout schedule to help you develop your own unique style.

Please note that Level 4 is also the beginning of your maintenance program. Which means from this point on, you may continue to buy your ten-set programs (optional) in order to maintain your voice and to continue to grow your talent.

Vocals Quick Fix Package

In Partnership with Nam Radio we've uploaded my Vocals Quick Fix Package, an INCREDIBLE digital package that contains the book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach: A Collection of Helpful Tips and Articles for Singers, PLUS a series of comprehensive vocal workout audio files Volumes 1 to 7. 

And what's more, I will also throw in a free consultation for good measure (click here). 

If you’ve enjoyed this article, please share it on your social media and for more information on my private coaching services please feel free to get in touch with me via contact info in calling card above. 

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!

Joett – Voice Coach & Author

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Vocals Quick Fix Africa — DIGITAL Giveaway Package for RADIO

According to news reports from various sourcesincluding BBC Radio, the coronavirus is seen to have caused an increase in terrestrial radio listenership.

Also, people in the UK and elsewhere have turned their online attention to tutoring websites (up 400%), politics, television programmes and gardening, according to cyber-security company Cloudflare, who monitor online traffic to more than 25 million websites that pay for its cyber-attack protections.

Pan African online radio platform Nam Radio has also seen a significant increase in listeners in recent months, not to mention, thousands more radio stations from around the globe have experienced a similar spike in their listenerships. 

How to Stimulate Engagement with Your Radio Audience

Seeing as tutoring website traffic is up 400% and radio listenership has also risen significantly right across the board, the smart thing to doperhaps, would be to capitalize on these combined market trends to increase YOUR engagement with radio audiences, in order to gain traction in your market share AND the attention of major brands for sponsorship deals.

Here's what a voice coach and former radio presenter has created for radio.

Vocals Quick Fix DIGITAL Package

If you've kept abreast with growth patterns in the music industry across the African continent, you will have noticed that there is a growing number of youths, perhaps in their millions, that want to learn to sing. 

Notably, the driving force behind this inspiration stems from the success stories of so many African artists who have made it BIG in Africa's flourishing entertainment industry, coupled with the incredible opportunites that that has brought to the continent's music space. 

And so that is where community outreach project Talent Showcase Africa, a joint venture partnership between pan-African voice coaching brand JOETT and online radio platform Nam Radio, saw an opportunity to not only help emerging African singing talent GROW to their full potential, but to also offer them an online platform so they can be heard on radio and hopefully, get to connect with industry stakeholders to bring to fruition their pursuit for a succesful career in music. 

Book & Audio Product Giveaway to Radio Audiences

Joett, a former radio show host and author of 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach: A Collection of Helpful Tips and Articles for Singers, is looking to giveaway hundreds of FREE eBooks and MP3 downloads to his revamped Vocals Quick Fix Digital Package, for radio listeners across Africa and the Diaspora to enjoy.

The competition is to be run through an especially created interactive auditioning process where a select number of entries get to win a copy of the book; the voice training audio files Volumes 1 to 7, as well as a FREE online consultation with the  author and products creator. 

How it works

It is proposed that participating online and terrestrial radio platforms run the jingle promoting the book (please download MP3 from SoundCloud widget below), with a short script introducing the competition/ campaign to be supplied by the organizers and read out on air by radio presenters.  

Simple Format

Listeners will be asked to sing on mobile phone camera and to upload video clips to Instagram whilst tagging the radio station's IG handle and that of the author and Talent Showcase Africa.

It is proposed that participating radio stations put up a voting system to stimulate engagement within their listenership AND social media, and a select bunch of the best vocals (perhaps, with the highest votes) will get to win the prize!

It's that simple.

Sponsorship, and Why Bottled Water Brands are a Good Fit

Since the amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%, water is not only of vital importance to the human body, it is also highly beneficial in keeping the vocal folds lubricated and supple.

Therefore, a company that supplies bottled water will be a good fit for this program.

All options considered, the modalities and airtime rates will need to be worked out between FM radio and the bottled water brand, but what is most important here is that a bottled water brand is offered this platform to promote their products in connection with the significance of water for the human body and particularly, for the voice.

Other suitable businesses are in such industries as: telecom, clothing & apparel, cosmetics, health & nutrition distributors, fitness clubs; retail outlets such as supermarkets, boutiques; record stores and so forth. 

In Conclusion

The Vocals Quick Fix DIGITAL Package comprises a comprehensive handbook for singers; voice training audio files for home-learning, and a free consultation with the author of the book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach: A Collection of Helpful Tips and Articles for Singers

The purpose of this exercise is to offer radio listeners (and aspiring singers) from across Africa, a chance to win the entire Vocals Quick Fix Digital Package in a competition conducted on both online and terrestrial radio, which stands to benefit participating radio platforms by stimulating engagement within its listernships and beyond; and forthwith grabbing the attention of corporate sponsors.

Needless to say, it will also help to create awareness of the author's digital products and online voice coaching services accross a wide array of territories on the African continent and the Diaspora.

That being said, an amicable arrangement that is mutually benefitial to all parties involved is to be thrashed out and discussed in greater detail via correspondence.

This will be the first radio giveaway event of its kind ever conducted on African soil.

Before & After Testimonial Audio Video

The following Before & After video shows how the vocals of Tanzanian artist Japhy Ross were completely transformed, thanks to the Talent Showcase Africa artiste development outreach program. This is only one of many testimonials from around the continent.

How to Enlist Your Radio Platform 

To participate in the Vocals Quick Fix Digital Package giveaway event, radio platforms from across Africa are invited to contact Joett via WhatsApp (see number in calling card above) or Email: joettmusic[at]

Please Play or Download the Vocals Quick Fix Digital Package radio jingle below.