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SHALAMAR Weekend On BOOGIE Radio Show 27th November

I've always wanted to do this...have a SHALAMAR weekend. Well, it's here! I will play Shalamar's greatest hits from 1977 to 1983 on today's BOOGIE radio show, followed by 80s groove tracks by various artists in the second hour. This should be interesting.

The band's record sales in the UK increased when Daniel demonstrated his body-popping dancing skills on BBC Television's music programme Top of the Pops, premiering the Moonwalk on television for the first time. Michael Jackson was a fan of the group, in particular, Daniel and his dance moves, after watching him on Soul Train. Jackson and Daniel met after, and Jackson took his then 12-year-old sister Janet to see Shalamar perform at Disneyland. Jeffrey Daniel co-choreographed Michael Jackson's "Bad" and "Smooth Criminal" videos.

Shalamar reformed in 2005, for the UK television series, Hit Me, Baby, One More Time, with original member Jeffrey Daniel and Howard Hewett, and with new member Carolyn Griffey—a long time friend and fan of the original band, and daughter of Shalamar founder and Solar Record boss Dick Griffey. Carolyn's mother is Carrie Lucas for whom Watley sang backing vocals. They reached the grand finals of Hit Me, Baby, One More Time in May 2005, utimately losing out to Shakin' Stevens.

In October 2009, the reformed Shalamar of Hewett, Daniel and Griffey, performed as a part of "The Ultimate Boogie Nights Disco Concert Series", at IndigO2 within O2 Arena Entertainment Avenue in London. This prompted their return to the UK in April 2010 for a tour.

Hewett, Griffey and Daniel, returned to IndigO2 in October 2011.

Tune in to BOOGIE, the retro radio show on Times 100.5 FM Sundays 6pm till 8pm.

SHALAMAR Weekend Playlist November 27th 2011

1. The Second Time Around (12" MIX) 1979. The group scored a US million seller with "The Second Time Around".
2. Take That To The Bank (12" ― MIX) 1979
3. A Night to Remember (Album Version) 1982
4. There It Is (12" Mix) 1982
5. I Can Make You Feel Good (12" Mix) 1982
6. Friends (12" Mix) 1982
7. I Owe You One (Album Version) 1980
8. Right In The Socket (12" Mix) 1979
9. Make That Move (12" Mix) 1980
10. Dead Giveaway (Album Version) 1983
11. Disappearing Act (Album Version) 1983
12. Sweeter As The Days Go By (Single Version) 1981
13. Uptown Festival (12" Mix) 1977. Their first hit was the 1975 Motown-inspired production "Uptown Festival," and released on Soul Train Records the success of which inspired Griffey and Don Cornelius to replace session singers with popular Soul Train dancers Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel to join original Shalamar lead singer Gary Mumford.

Enjoy the show!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boogie Retro Radio Show Snippets November 20th

80s Groove was born just as disco was on the way out. The beats were slowed down and the basslines cranked up, giving us dancefloor anthems that still resound today. It was one of the most funky and feel-good periods of club music, producing classics from the likes of Chaka Khan, Jocelyn Brown, Sister Sledge, The Jacksons, Luther Vandross and Earth Wind & Fire.

There were the artists that were feeling the love too, with classic slow jams from Marvin Gaye, Imagination, Jean Carn, The Jones Girls and The Isley Brothers. Back in the main room the birth of electro was being tried and tested and ultimatley given a massive tick with Indeep, Freez, Herbie Hancock, Shannon, D Train and Lisa Lisa.

Jazz funk stepped up via the soul weekender scene in some of the cooler resorts around the UK's east coast, and yet more anthems were appropriated by DJs of the day thanks to Tom Browne, Dexter Wansel and Keni Burke.

In today's show, we'll kick off with tracks from the 70s in the first segment and into 80s Groove in the second half of the program. Up to the very last minute--yesterday evening, I was quite undecided as to what I was going to play for you today. I have so much music...and I only have 2 hours on the show, so you can imagine. I'm sure you'll enjoy the music today, it will be an outright corker. Here's what to expect:

Giorgio Moroder: After producing "I Feel Love" for Donna Summer, I wanted to do my own song with me as the singer in the same style and technology with that synth bassline. I was quite happy with it but it did much better in Europe than the States.

CHIC -- DANCE DANCE DANCE (YOWSAH YOWSAH YOWSAH) (R&B #6/Pop #6/Disco #1/UK #6) [1977]

Alfa Anderson (Vocalist, classic-era Chic): There are so many favorites in this collection -- it could aptly be named the soundtrack of my life. But 'Dance, Dance, Dance' really was the penultimate change agent in my life. That's one of the first songs I sang background on for Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. I remember the session like it was yesterday. I walked into the studio with Luther Vandross and David Lasley not expecting to like what I heard. Boy, was I wrong. I was immediately captivated by the catchy lyrics, driving bass and rhythmic guitar licks. And wonder of wonders, I loved the background parts. Listening today, it stands the test of time. Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah!

Jody Watley: Chic are the best dance/pop/funk band of the era for me. Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards were the best.

Daryl Easlea (Music journalist & author of 'Chic: Everybody dance -- The Politics Of Disco'): In the year that Summer and Moroder were embracing the future, Chic were celebrating its past. Although not as lauded as "I Feel Live" this track is a groundbreaking record: its repetition, irony and detachment set it apart from its contemporaries. Its gimmick, the 'Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah' refrain, was taken from the 1930s Depression-era dance marathons where dancers would stay on the floor until near death to win a meagre sum of money. It showed how bittersweet Nile Rodgers as a lyricist could be.

GRACE JONES -- I NEED A MAN (POP #83/ DISCO #1) [1976]

Tom Moulton: As for Grace Jones, it was like watching someone grow up. She was determined to make it and nothing would stand in her way (just like the song says). She continued to improve as a singer and the attitude right along with it. I pushed her continually to make her sing better and I felt my ass was on the line as a producer to come up with a production I could be proud of.

Mr Pinks: Before working with Sly and Robbie, Grace Jones was a disco diva. With Tom Moulton on production duties, her debut album 'Portfolio' was a sure fire hit. The album is choc-full of classics including 'La Vie En Rose' and 'I Need A Man'. The subject matter of the latter perfectly matched her vampish man-eater character. Disco was meant to be fun and with Grace it was certainly that...and more!

There's more on the show. Tune in to Times 100.5 FM.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

BOOGIE Radio Show: Background Snippets 13th Nov 2011

Here are some quick snippets on some of today's highlights on Boogie, the retro radio show on Times 100.5 FM.

Dan Hartman Vertigo/Relight My Fire was a number 1 Disco hit in 1979. According to Arthur Baker, Dan Hartman is one of disco's unsung heroes. This song featuring and amazing vocal from Loleatta Holloway, was one of a new wave of mind-blowing disco. Often covered, never bettered.

Pattie Brooks After Dark went to number 1 on the Disco charts in 1978. Pattie was in the unfortunate position of being on the same label (Casablanca) as the acknowledged queen of disco, Donna Summer, but she more than holds her own on this late-night cowbell-led disco epic. It has featured prominently in the movie 'Thank God It's Friday'. According to Bruce Sudano, being a Casablanca Records artist in the late 70s was like being at the center of the universe. It was worldwide but still family, a small group of people who were doing things that had global reach. Everyone - from the artists, arrangers, art directors, promo people & stylists to the president of the company -- was performing in a big way.

The Three Degrees The Runner. I was a member of The Three Degrees fan club, at the time, I remember, when they were Prince Charles' favorite group. Valerie Holiday (Vocalist, The Three Degrees): Working with Giorgio Moroder was great and different. We became more creative in our harmonies and were given our first chance to co-write as well, resulting in 'The Runner'. Sheila got the chance to work her magic on the lyrics and we did ours on vocals.

Diana Ross The Boss (R&B #1/Pop #1/UK #40 in 1979). 'The Boss' by Diana Ross is for many die-hard fans like me probably her best solo work. Ashford & Simpson brought out a grittiness and soul that was previously untapped. Ashford & Simpson really knew how to get the most out of an artist. This may be a career best for Diana Ross.

Donna Summer Last Dance (R&B #5/Pop #3/ Disco #2 1978).
Paul Moroder: Paul Jabara and Bob Esty had a good idea about the arrangement. I recorded Donna's vocals in Europe. As always, it went very quickly as Donna is a great singer and needs few takes. She didn't want to stay in the studio for long and she rarely came back and redid anything. We felt the feeling was there.
Candi Staton: She had such a wonderful soft feminine tone and she could do no wrong. When that song came on you could not beat me to the dance floor.


TIKISA Finals 2011: The Results

TIKISA ended last night. Amazing show. Pure electric vibe inside Club Billicanas. Nothing even comes close. It was the best show ever! Winners last night -- voted for by TANZANIANS -- judges did not vote last night, were Hassan and Hawa. Ashraf and Mwajuma came second and in third place Daniel and Helen. A big THANK YOU goes out to Powerhouse Productions for bringing us TIKISA. Hard work. Really hard work, but you pulled it off. Bravo!; The choreographers Sammy Cool and Bud Spencer for performing a miracle. Literally. You guys are amazing; my fellow judges for a job well done; TANZANIANS for your support--you MADE TIKISA what it is today--HUGE. I BIG thank you! God willing, hope to see you all again next year!


TIKISA Fainali Za Jana Usiku: Matokeo Na Ushindi

TIKISA fainali za jana usiku: Hassan na Hawa waibuka washindi kwa kura za watanzania. Majaji hatukupiga kura jana. Nafasi ya pili ilikwenda kwa Ashraf na Mwajuma na watutu walikua Daniel na Helen. Hongera kwa Powerhouse Productions kwa kukutuletea TIKISA; choreographers Sammy Cool na Bud Spencer kwa kazi nzuri sana. Muijiza haswa; Kwa washiriki kwakuleta burudani kabambe; kwa majaiji wenzangu kwa kazi nzuri mnoo; na kwa mashabiki wote Tanzania kwa kuangalia TIKISA ITV na kufagilia kipindi. Tunawashukuruni nyote kwa dhati. Inshallah, mungu akipenda tutaonana tena mwakani.


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BOOGIE -- The Retro Radio Show: Playlist for 6th Nov 2011

Today's playlist on Boogie -- the retro radio show on Times 100.5 FM from 6pm -- looks like this: I will be giving you an hour's play  from the Disco Fever segment of the show; and another hour from the 80s Groove segment. Which means... I won't play ALL the tracks today. We'll finish off the rest in the NEXT show--next Sunday same time--6pm till 8pm. I'm also giving away FREE CD singles of my new 70s Disco Boogie Remix of "I Could Never Live (Without Your Love)" on the show tonight AND I will be playing the track TONITE. Tune in for details. Welcome to the show!

DISCO FEVER Weekend -- The Ultimate Disco Anthems
1.   The Real thing – You to Me Are Everything (1976)                       
2.   Gloria Gaynor – Never Can Say Goodbye (1974)                       
3.   Van McCoy – The Hustle (1975)                       
4.   Tavares – Heaven Must be Missing An Angel (1976)                       
5.   Diana Ross – Upside Down (1980)                       
6.   The Whispers – And the Beat Goes On (1979)                       
7.   Shalamar – A Night to Remember (1982)                       
8.   The Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight (1979)                       
9.   ABBA – Dancing Queen (1986)                       
10.                Anita Ward – Ring My Bell (1979)                       
11.                Ami Stewart – Knock On Wood (1979)                       
12.                The Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force (1979)                       
13.                Stephanie Mills – Never Knew Love Like This Before 80                       
14.                Crown Heights Affair – You Gave Me Love (1980)                       
15.                James Brown – Get Up (Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine                        
16.                Commodores – Brick House (1977 Motown Records)                       
17.                Thelma Houston – Don’t Leave Me This Way (1976)                       
18.                Johnny Bristol – Hang On In There Baby (1974)                       
19.                Bohannon – Let’s Start The Dance (1978)                       
20.                Peaches & Herb – Shake Your Groove Thing (1978)
80s GROOVE            
1.   Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (1982)           
2.   Chaka Khan – Feel For You (1984)           
3.   Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait (1986)           
4.   Freeez – Southern Freez (1986)           
5.   Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Let the Beat Hit ‘Em (1981)           
6.   Change – Change Of Heart (1984)           
7.   Slave – Just a Touch Of Love (1979)           
8.   Rockers Revenge feat Donnie Calvin – Walking On Sunshine           
9.   Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life (1987)           
10.                Hot Streak – Body Work (1983)           
11.                Cheryl Lynn – Encore (1983)           
12.                The Pointer Sisters – Jump (For My Life) (1982)           
13.                Class Action – Weekend (1983)           
14.                The Emotions – Best Of My Life (1977)           
15.                Rodney Franklin – The Groove (1980)           
16.                George Benson – Give Me The Night (1981)           
17.                Luther Vandross – I Really Didn’t Mean It (1986)           

Playlist Compiled and Presented by Reinvented 80s Pop Singer JOETT ... with DJ Q on the decks.

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