Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Use the Edition 2 Learn to Sing with Joett Vocal Training CD

When I first released my vocal training CD in 2013, it was intended for the mass market—so that anybody who wanted to quickly get their vocals in order—this was their ticket, so to speak. However, over time I realized Tanzania wasn’t quite ready for this. Sales were not as I had expected, and with the few that did purchase this product, it appeared even fewer actually used the product. And so I decided to swipe it off the shelf, so that it was no-longer available to the general public, and instead, I made it available for free, but ONLY to pupils signing up for my studio vocal training sessions, off of which I would give specific homework assignments. And so I figured I had put it to better use. It had now become the bonus product one gets for signing up for my 10 hour program, with which they also got the training booklet I usually hand out to my students.

Gradually, things began to change. After launching my online vocal training pro bono service on WhatsApp, I began to receive requests for the CD. But it was still off the shelf, and so I wasn’t selling. Well, until now. When I have decided to put the product back on the market... only this time, with this article, I am handing out specific instructions on how to get QUICK RESULTS with my Edition 2 Learn to Sing with Joett audio product.


Before you even attempt the vowel and lyrical exercises, only do the Alternative Warm-up, Alternative Arpeggios, Alternative Octaves, Alternative Chromatic Scales and the Alternative Descending Scales with the lip rolls (or bubbles), and the hum. Do this regularly, at least four times a week, and after a month, your voice should be ready to attempt the same exercises with the vowels and the lyrical runs without splatting or recruiting your outer larynx muscles... otherwise known as pulling up your chest voice or SHOUTING. I will explain why this is the best course of action for optimal results.

By lip rolling and humming the scales, your voice will develop a straight line connection between your chest, middle and head voice. When you later attempt training with the vowels and the lyrics, you should automatically fall into the same connected tone as you did in your preparation phase—with the lip rolls and humming—but you must not discontinue the lip rolls and humming. Only add to it the vowels and the lyrics. And always remember to do your breathing exercise first, before you begin your scales. To place an order for the Edition 2 Learn to Sing with Joett Vocal Training CD... which comes with a FREE 30-Minute Voice Assessment with Professional Advice, please give me a call or send me a text message.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mayunga Living His Airtel Trace Music Star Dream As 2015 Winner!

Mayunga Andrew Nalimi is nibbling on the upper crust of fame and success.

In 2015 he snatched the Airtel TRACE Music Star competition and his career and life have been set on a fast track to continental and global domination.

His second single, “Please Don’t Go Away”, hits the airwaves this week and will surely make a dent on the charts. It features a sample of the melody of “Mbube”, composed by Solomon Linda from South Africa in 1939, one of the most popular songs to ever come out of Africa, adapted for global audiences as “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

The sensational Tanzanian talent was tutored and mentored by the Grammy Award nominated US and Senegalese born superstar, Akon as part of the prize package.  His first single “Nice Couple” was unleashed on unsuspecting music audiences last year with his intoxicating and unique sound. The video for the track was shot in Orlando East, Soweto in South Africa.

"Mayunga has an interesting voice and sound that is uniquely his. He is poised for greater things in music. It has been an honour for me to hone and tone him in preparation for a long career," comments Akon.

From as early as just five years old, Mayunga who comes from the town of Morogoro in Eastern Tanzania, showed great interest in music, singing aloud and interrupting conversations. This developed into a passion that he has relentlessly pursued over the years, always seeking an opportunity to take to the stage and captivate audiences with his remarkable singing talents.

At 18 years of age, Mayunga recorded an inspirational track titled “Break the Rough” -Tanzania knew that he had something different. He describes his singing as "attractive and full of entertainment", adding that he is competitive by nature.

Just like hundreds of thousands of aspiring musicians across the continent, Mayunga turned to the Airtel TRACE Music Star competition to inch himself closer to his dream.

With 2.3 million registered calls and piping 12 other hopefuls in a nail biting finale, Mayunga emerged victorious and today stands as one of Africa's brightest emerging music stars.

He pocketed a lucrative prize package that included a record deal, promotional and mentorship campaigns.

"This has been an opportunity of a lifetime to change my life and support my career. I won't let down everyone who believed in me, there's more I want to offer to the industry," says Mayunga.

This star, inspired by international artists such as Usher, Chris Brown and Tanzanian talents such as Nuru and Eli, is definitely on the rise and his fans will not be dissapointed.

Look out for the broadcast of this year’s finale event with 10 hopeful future African and global stars. Keep watching TRACE Urban for the broadcast dates in June 2016

Melissa John Wins Airtel Trace Music Star Tanzania Competition

Melissa John, a former Bongo Star Search contestant who’d made it into the Top 3 a few years ago, has emerged overall winner Airtel Trace Music Star Season 2 Singing Competition that took place May 20th, 2016.  But what has changed about Melissa’s voice? Once again, as vocal coach to the Top 5 this year, I have a couple of insider tips I’d like to share with you in my blog post this week.

Melissa won the competition hands down, singing the acoustic version of 80s classic My One Temptation by reigning British Queen of Soul Mica Paris. With her prize came a check from Airtel for fifty million shillings and a ticket to represent Tanzania in the Airtel Trace Music Star Grand Finale in Nigeria on June 11th, 2016. Singing the Chaka Khan classic Through the Fire, Nandy Charles—a familiar face in singing competitions, her last being the Techno event that took her to Nigeria to compete for Tanzania—came second and received a check from Airtel for 5 million shillings. Salim Mlindila, who sang the unforgettable This I Promise You by NYSNC took 3rd position and received a check for 2 million shillings. So what do these contestants have in common? They have talent, no doubt about that, but what made a huge difference is that they’d had professional vocal training before the competition.

Melissa kept telling me throughout her ten day training program that she was experiencing her ability to sing improving beyond her wildest dreams. She was hitting notes she’d never hit before, and in such a short space of time. Training specifically tailored to her is what did the trick. I also recorded segments of her lessons on my Dictaphone (as I did the others), which I then gave to her to continue training from home before the next lesson. That is how she completely transformed her voice to the immensely professional vocal she delivered at ATMS.

Nandy has a truly powerful voice, but proper voice training made a world of difference. If only she’d had the training before she went to Techno in Nigeria, I’m sure she would’ve won the Techno competition. Salim is really best suited to the NSYNC song he delivered at the Finale, and with more training I sense the sky truly is the limit for him. It was a pleasure working with all the Top 3 contestants.

Ben Sule, who came fourth, delivered Happy by Pharrell Williams, albeit with a couple hiccups that compelled him to stop-start twice before the third attempt that saw him through the song. His main problem being, despite my relentless attempts to put him on the straight and narrow on this, he delivered his first note on empty—with practically no breath—and that threw his vocal into disarray. I’d warned him on numerous occasions in training, but it just didn’t seem to register with him at all. And so he bungled his performance. I hope this serves as a lesson in itself to all of you. Your first note IS the most important. Breathe, and keep on breathing to deliver your notes. Nicole, who came last, was a complete disaster with the song Crush by Jennifer Paige. But I was expecting this. She’d gotten into the Top 5 by fluke and we couldn’t have her replaced because her name had already been published. And so we, the judges, had made a huge error in judgment in selecting her. Not everyone has the talent to go from zero to hero in 10 hours.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mayunga ft Akon - Please Don't Go Away on XXL Clouds FM May 16

Mayunga won the Airtel Trace Music Star Pan African singing competition in 2015 and went on to sign a recording deal with Universal Music South Africa, for the release of his debut single Nice Couple. The video was shot in South Africa and premiered and went on massive rotation on the TRACE channel.

Mayunga’s next stop was Los Angeles, California in the USA where he met mega star Akon for a mentorship program, and recorded a song on Akon’s very own Konvict label; and later shot a music video to the track with the superstar. After this once-in-a-life-time meeting with Akon, Mayunga returned to Tanzania and signed a new recording deal with TRACE France, under which the Akon produced song Please Don’t Go Away is released.

Please Don’t Go Away is set for radio release across Tanzania on Monday the 16th of May 2016 on XXL Clouds FM, and Mayunga is scheduled to begin a media tour to promote both the track and Airtel Trace Music Star Season 2 Tanzania Finale, which takes place in Dar es salaam on Friday May the 20th.

Mayunga’s new music video—shot entirely in Hollywood, will be unveiled at the ATMS event. The Tanzanian rising star will also perform the song live for all invited guests and media. Mayunga is managed by Joett Music and can be booked for live shows via the label.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Press Release: Tanzanian Identical Twins Kioo Debut EP On iTunes

PRESS RELEASE by Panamusiq -- African music history is in the making: After months of preparation, Tanzania's newest act Kioo release their debut EP album #NachukuaTime today. This is the first time an African artist debuts with an EP album instead of the more traditional single.

Husna and Hawa Mkungo aka Kioo is a duo female act that was discovered by Panamusiq in mid 2015. Kioo in kiswahili means mirror as the two girls are identical twins.

After few months of vocal training with Tanzania's best vocal coach, Joett, Kioo started recording this EP album with C9, one of Tanzania's leading producers who is also signed to Panamusiq.

EP stands for Extended Play album. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, an EP is defined as containing three to five songs or under 30 minutes.

Panamusiq has decided to go for this format of debut release to make Kioo immediately appealing for bookings by club and event promoters.

The tracklist includes songs with different sounds and vibes to show the incredible versatility of the twin act. One track, “Hayana Ufundi”, features Bongo Flava superstar Dully Sykes.

Other tracks are: “Unaweza”,”Love me back” and “Nachukua time” which gives the title to the EP album and is also proposed in a bonus acoustic version.

All tracks are written by Kioo and composed and produced by C9. Panamusiq acted as Executive Producer in this project.

The album is currently available on iTunes and will be released on all major music stores worldwide on Friday 13th May 2016.