Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Use the Edition 2 Learn to Sing with Joett Vocal Training CD

When I first released my vocal training CD in 2013, it was intended for the mass market—so that anybody who wanted to quickly get their vocals in order—this was their ticket, so to speak. However, over time I realized Tanzania wasn’t quite ready for this. Sales were not as I had expected, and with the few that did purchase this product, it appeared even fewer actually used the product. And so I decided to swipe it off the shelf, so that it was no-longer available to the general public, and instead, I made it available for free, but ONLY to pupils signing up for my studio vocal training sessions, off of which I would give specific homework assignments. And so I figured I had put it to better use. It had now become the bonus product one gets for signing up for my 10 hour program, with which they also got the training booklet I usually hand out to my students.

Gradually, things began to change. After launching my online vocal training pro bono service on WhatsApp, I began to receive requests for the CD. But it was still off the shelf, and so I wasn’t selling. Well, until now. When I have decided to put the product back on the market... only this time, with this article, I am handing out specific instructions on how to get QUICK RESULTS with my Edition 2 Learn to Sing with Joett audio product.


Before you even attempt the vowel and lyrical exercises, only do the Alternative Warm-up, Alternative Arpeggios, Alternative Octaves, Alternative Chromatic Scales and the Alternative Descending Scales with the lip rolls (or bubbles), and the hum. Do this regularly, at least four times a week, and after a month, your voice should be ready to attempt the same exercises with the vowels and the lyrical runs without splatting or recruiting your outer larynx muscles... otherwise known as pulling up your chest voice or SHOUTING. I will explain why this is the best course of action for optimal results.

By lip rolling and humming the scales, your voice will develop a straight line connection between your chest, middle and head voice. When you later attempt training with the vowels and the lyrics, you should automatically fall into the same connected tone as you did in your preparation phase—with the lip rolls and humming—but you must not discontinue the lip rolls and humming. Only add to it the vowels and the lyrics. And always remember to do your breathing exercise first, before you begin your scales. To place an order for the Edition 2 Learn to Sing with Joett Vocal Training CD... which comes with a FREE 30-Minute Voice Assessment with Professional Advice, please give me a call or send me a text message.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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