Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Africa Launches Newest Community Outreach Project for Singers

In recent months, a sixteen year-old boy named Tshiamo from South Africa, after finding me online, reached out for help .

In order for me to do a voice assessment, he sang a couple of lines from the John Legend song All Of Me, it wasn’t impressive, but I saw a lot of potential in his voice. He only needed the training.

He said that he really wanted to be a good singer. It was his dream, he said, but he couldn’t afford my fees. I went on to ask him what voice coaches in South Africa generally charged and he said they charged around US$35 an hour and that his mother simply couldn’t afford that. Mind you, I was asking for far less.

And so I offered to train him on pro bono via Skype. He couldn’t believe it. He sent me a voice note just to thank me (very sweet) and I could feel the emotion and excitement in his voice. He was SO elated!

It is this sort of reaction that spurs me on to keep helping people who’ve got the talent but cannot afford to hire a voice coach. The boy from South Africa came on board with a once-a-week Skype sessions schedule and his transformation is incredible. Everybody around him has noticed the difference in his voice, including all of his schoolmates and teachers. In fact, he is now regularly asked to sing solo at assembly in school.

This is just one of the many success stories from youngsters who’ve greatly benefited from my unconditional help and support. I do it for the love of helping others, but I know I can do even better with YOUR support.

And here’s how you can help.

I have just created a fundraiser project on crowd-funding platform Fundly, Hashtagged #VocalsQuickFixAfrica, and the aim is to raise money that will go towards providing private one-one-one voice lessons to young people in Africa, coupled with hosting Masterclass sessions in major cities across the African continent. Needless to say, donations will go towards covering logistical expenses and learning material.

Feeling a little generous?

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JOETT – Voice Coach & Author
101 Letters from a Vocal Coach

Monday, October 7, 2019

How to Access the Mixed Voice, Explained in Layman Terms

If you’ve read my article How to Get a Complete Vocal Warm-Up in Just 12 Minutes you will already have an idea as regards perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get started with a regular voice training program.

Recently, someone in my Telegram group, Joett Voice Studio, wanted to know how to access the mixed voice.

And so today I want to talk a little bit about the mixed voice.

My response to my online student’s question was pretty simple... and it reads as follows.

It’s really about working on erasing that middle register, where usually the untrained voice will disconnect, to create one voice. But of course you have your lower, middle and upper registers but we’re just trying to create that seamless transition and connect them better.

And so, in my vocal warm-up exercises you will cover the mixed voice area of your range again and again and in so many different runs, that eventually you will strengthen that particular area and the transition through your mixed voice will become seamless.

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