Saturday, June 14, 2014

Where to Find Great Backing Tracks to Practice Your Favorite Songs

If you are taking voice lessons to improve your singing, then what better way is there than to practice with the songs you love to sing… using good backing tracks that deliver instrumental music to your favorite songs! When I teach voice in my studio, after practicing the scales I would throw in songs and backing tracks to help my pupils apply their training to singing. The songs that I use are very carefully selected for a purpose.  I tend to want to work with classics. Songs from yesteryear were sung without the aid of computers and techno gimmicks. Back then you really had to sing. You had to become an instrument. Hence, what you get to draw from working with such songs is real and achievable when you put your mind and practice to it.  


I’ve used numerous sites to get my backing tracks. Hereunder I’m going to review a couple of the good ones.

This site has great jazz backing tracks of absolute top quality production in .WAV format. I use these backing tracks for my live performances. They’re that good. If you want jazz backing tracks to perform live with, will provide you with the best. They sell for about £5 per track and they also giveaway some great offers from time to time. The producer, Alan McPike, is a really good man. He is very helpful and will go out of his way to help you. 

For me this is a relatively new find. What I like about this provider is that they have a very wide selection of genres, including piano versions to most songs. Something else I like about their backing tracks is that they are of good MP3 quality. I personally wouldn’t use these for live performances though. I don’t think they’d be good enough for me in that department, but if you want to practice singing at home, have fun and hone your vocals at the same time, there’s something for everybody at

I hope this information comes in handy for you. And for those of you taking lessons with me, feel free to download whatever tracks you fancy. Just make sure you bring along the original track (with vocals), and two copies of the lyrics (which you can download off the net), and be sure to put those on CD (the quality is better) when you bring them to my studio. 

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