Friday, July 27, 2018

How to Easily Induce Edge Sound when Doing the Vowels in Training

One of the biggest challenges in voice training is maintaining the edge sound in your tone when doing the vowels. But there is a small trick I want to share here, which you can use to help you maintain that much desired brass in your tone. This short article and accompanying audio tape will offer tips on how to get it right with the vowels.

Let’s assume your tone is well placed when you do the lip rolls. Or maybe we say you’re better with humming. The quickest way to produce the vowels with a brassy tone in place is to combine your lip rolls or humming with either a single vowel or a combination of vowels.

For example, on a 5 tone scale—which you’ll find in Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-4 audio tapes that come with the book—you can run up with the lip rolls and come down with any one of the vowels AEIOU; or a combination  of maybe A and E, or I and O and so forth.

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