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Private Vocal Training Programs at Joett Voice Studio Dar es salaam

You're about to view the old system. I have created a new training schedule, however, that combines some of the training programs listed here-under. Please take a look at the updated schedule here

I run seven different vocal training programs… Level 1, Level 2, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro, Pro 2, Pro Club... plus a Booster Program AND Speech Level Singing into your Head Voice thrown into the mix in every level.

With each program I will put you through sixty-minute vocal exercises to help improve your range, pitch accuracy, flexibility, and the quality of your voice through proper breathing and vocal technique. After five sessions I will start to include what I call jam sessions… that’s where we get to work with cover songs (or songs you OR I have written) in order to apply what you’ve learned to song. This element of your training is a lot of fun… as you get to sing some GREAT songs! Each program is ten hours (spread over ten lessons).

You’re welcome to make an appointment [whenever you’re ready] to come over and see me for a free 30-minute voice assessment. I’ll listen to you sing; show you how I work; and run you through a quick breathing exercise and the scales on piano, to see where you’re at vocally. And we’ll take it from there.

QUICK START PROGRAM is a short vocal training program wherein, in as little as 3 hours, you get all the basics to get you started. Created, especially, for those of you who would like to get a Quick Start to singing like a pro, and then perhaps carry on with a home learning program; OR, in the case of both professional singers AND beginners, it offers a quick brush-up to prepare for live concerts, singing competitions... and even karaoke nights!

BOOK ONE HOUR TRIAL SESSION: Private lessons in my studio run for a full hour. If you’re training from home, however, I would strongly recommend that once you get a little more proficient with training on your own, try to gun for a one hour session with me in my studio. And if that becomes a bit of a challenge for you, try to do a vocal workout for at least 20 minutes over the phone with me and perhaps gradually build on that. You will improve your voice, no doubt.

And this is why I created the once off one hour private vocal training session you can purchase to help you get started—just with the once off session—in my studio. My fee is Tshs 31,000. And a doable AND affordable progression to this is the 20 Minute Vocal Training Phone-In system.

VOCAL TRAINING BY PHONE: If you cannot imagine dragging yourself through traffic to get to singing lessons, then this article will outline a simple yet very effective way for you to get all the vocal training you need over the telephone to a vocal coach, with the same personal touch you can expect in a private studio session with a teacher. For details on this, read my article Singing Lessons Made Easy Over the Phone – Only Takes 20 Minutes!

I’m based in Oysterbay, Dar es salaam. My studio is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I do 30-minute voice assessments any day of the week by appointment. You'll need to call me to book.

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