Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dance to Shape Up - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Now running nonstop dance compilation album from 95 North, released on the Stip Record label, the pace of the dance program has just gotten faster and more challenging... where the music, quite literally, doesn't stop for sixty minutes. I love it! This compilation includes dance tracks from Cris B. Project Feat. Mark Mack - Holdin' On (Swing 52s Revival Mix), Urban Underground Grooves - Streetplayers, Urban Underground Grooves - Out Of Sight, Temple Of the Groove - Treat Me Right (95 North Dub/95 North Vocal Remix), Le Monde - I Have No Fear (MindChime Club Mix), Hit the Boom - Don't Lose the Love (Basoki Club Remix), Bass Symphony - Deepside (LA Mix), JOETT - Afro Lover (MindChime Jam Deep Dub). Every single track is connected to the next... the music doesn't stop!

The current DANCE schedule is Thursday 6pm till 7pm, Friday 8.30am till 9.30am, Saturday 7pm till 8pm. Please call or SMS to book your place.

Catch you later,

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Singing Workshops Come to Dar es salaam

Singing workshops are great fun. I've always wanted to do this. When I did the pilot I knew I was onto something truly awesome. I've now opened my studio doors to anybody out there who wants to put a new spin on singing. Here's what to expect. If you want to learn to develop your own individual style; write great songs; create fabulous melodies and sing in harmony with a blend of many different voices, then this workshop is for you. As we sing, I will be helping you AND others find your true voice. And in that process, you'll pick up on a lot of handy tips you never knew existed. It'll be a blast. To join my workshops you'll need to have had at least five hours of voice training with me. Otherwise you won't have the basic foundation to pull this off. My singing workshops run as follows: Wednesdays 5.30pm to 6.30pm. Fridays 5pm to 6pm. Saturdays 2pm to 3pm.

Hope to see you soon.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joett Dance Studio Schedule

The first dance class rolled out today [Thursday] at 6pm. To those of you who attended the class, thanks for coming. It was a pleasure to have you. I'm now adding new dates to the dance program. And they are as follows. Thursday 6pm till 7pm. Saturday 7pm till 8pm. I'm looking for additional slots during the week, what I'll do is when I've managed to allocate something I will let you know.

Joett Dance Studio is located in Oysterbay, three streets behind the Colosseum gym. Please call or SMS to reserve your place. 

Catch you later,


Monday, September 13, 2010

Joett Dance Studio

I've been unable to start the dance program. Last week was practically impossible. My schedule is pretty tight. I had to reorganize that over the weekend. So now, hopefully, the first dance class kicks off this Thursday. I haven't quite decided on the time slot just yet, but as soon as I know, everyone on the waiting list will receive an SMS from me.

In the meanwhile my new DANCE calling cards (to appear on the flip side of my VOICE cards) are being printed as we speak. I've just approved the artwork (see left). Like it? So catch you later!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Voice and Dance Studio in Dar es salaam

I've been teaching voice from my very own living space for the past nine months, but as of Friday the 3rd of September, work on refurbishing one of my en-suite bedrooms into a voice and dance studio was completed and I received the first students into my new studio that very Friday. My vocal training space is now more spacious. Wonderful. And I do like the acoustics of the room too... cos you can now hear your own voice more clearly as it bounces back off the walls. There's hardly any furniture in the room. I will be adding more high stools in the coming weeks, and more framed pictures on the walls, but that's your lot. I intend to keep it as sparsely furnished as possible.

My Dance ad also went out Friday, but I don't intend to start until sometime next week. I still need to set up the dance program before I begin classes. Dance is the most fun way to get in shape, look good and feel great! As a former pop singer, dance choreographer and personal fitness trainer, not only have I got the dynamic dance moves to whip you into shape, I've now got a brand new dance studio! Come to think of it, I've always wanted this. Want to know what sort of moves you're getting yourselves into (if you sign up for this)? Think Janet Jackson. Think pop.

Catch ya later!

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