Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Voice and Dance Studio in Dar es salaam

I've been teaching voice from my very own living space for the past nine months, but as of Friday the 3rd of September, work on refurbishing one of my en-suite bedrooms into a voice and dance studio was completed and I received the first students into my new studio that very Friday. My vocal training space is now more spacious. Wonderful. And I do like the acoustics of the room too... cos you can now hear your own voice more clearly as it bounces back off the walls. There's hardly any furniture in the room. I will be adding more high stools in the coming weeks, and more framed pictures on the walls, but that's your lot. I intend to keep it as sparsely furnished as possible.

My Dance ad also went out Friday, but I don't intend to start until sometime next week. I still need to set up the dance program before I begin classes. Dance is the most fun way to get in shape, look good and feel great! As a former pop singer, dance choreographer and personal fitness trainer, not only have I got the dynamic dance moves to whip you into shape, I've now got a brand new dance studio! Come to think of it, I've always wanted this. Want to know what sort of moves you're getting yourselves into (if you sign up for this)? Think Janet Jackson. Think pop.

Catch ya later!

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