Sunday, December 16, 2018

Vocals Quick Fix (Pre-Studio Recording Sessions & Gigs)

When news of Nigerian artist Tekno surfaced recently, regarding what they alluded to being the collapse of his voice box, I thought the time had come to at the very least, try to fix an endemic problem afflicting African singers.

Shouting and putting weight on your throat when you sing damages the vocal folds. And this is why Tekno is in trouble today.

From my eight years experience as a voice coach in East Africa, I have come to realize that voice training—unlike with our friends in the West—is not deeply rooted in African culture and that the way around their inability to deliver a song with dynamic range, resonance and control has had the auto tune conveniently come to the rescue. And so—sadly, listen to almost any mainstream song by an African artist and you’ll find the excesses of auto-tune use. It’s as though the entire industry, is built on it.

But it is never too late to begin to fix the problem.

Vocal rebalancing that ultimately frees the singer from ‘strain and pain’ takes consistent training, and this is something I find lacking in the attitudes of most African singers I have had the chance to work with over the years.

On that note, I have decided to create and make available to the struggling vocalist, a Vocals Quick Fix solution for African singers. What this means is that an artiste can get a pre-studio recording session vocal warm-up and similarly, before a live gig.

It requires no long-term commitment and very little effort, but in 30 to 40 minutes it will adequately prepare the voice for a recording session or a live concert.

I did this with Jux on Vanessa Mdee’s opening night to their In Love & Money Tour in Mwanza, Tanzania.

After giving Vanessa a vocal warm-up, I worked with Jux for about forty minutes. When he took to the stage a couple of hours later, Vanessa—who has been my student since 2011—looked at me in shock backstage and asked, “What the hell have you done with his voice? I’ve never heard him sing like that. He is SO opened up!”

What I’m trying to say is, rebalancing the voice for a gig OR for a recording session is something that can be done in just a few minutes, but to maintain that level of vocal delivery and to further develop your range and vocal technique, you’ll need regular training.

Jux never came back for more voice lessons, and most African singers don’t have that resolve. They’re always in a hurry to get that next record out, and to go gigging to rake in the cash. They don’t see the need to train. But when they do, as did Jux, they get to see the immediate benefit.

When Jux came off the stage that night I asked him, “so how did it feel?” And he replied with a really broad smile, “Joett, it was SO easy. Thank you SO much!”

Vocals Quick Fix (Pre-Studio Recording Sessions & Gigs)

I have created something that is tailored to the mindset of African singers, a program that doesn’t involve a lot of time and requires absolutely no long-term commitment from the artist whatsoever. It is what it is. A ‘Vocals Quick Fix’ for the job at hand. Plain and simple! This, I feel, should work well for Africa.

How It Works

I’ll want to liaise with recording studios and artist management anywhere in Africa. My modus operandi is pretty simple. If you have an artist going into the recording studio and they need help getting their vocals in order, I will gladly work with them for up to an hour prior to the recording session. And in the case of the live gig set—similarly, I will prepare them for it right before they hit the stage.

Ideally, if I’m going to travel to your country and city, you might as well book a five hour program so as to get even MORE value for YOUR money! The five hours will be evenly spread into an hour-a-day slots, and can be scheduled to begin four days before the recording session, with the fifth and final hour taking place on the day of the recording session OR the gig, as it were.

Next Step

Let us discuss the finer details, options, and financial implication via correspondence.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!

JOETT – Voice Coach & Author
“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach”

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Vocal Exercises for Singers to Increase Range: Download Mkito Instructional Video & Joett Voice Training MP3

If you have been searching for vocal exercises for singers to increase range, then you will find this particular program very useful. I had created this program for the Tanzanian Swahili-speaking market, but even if you do not speak Swahili you’ll understand what to do by simply following the demonstrations that precede each run. However, there’s a breathing exercise labeled Zoezi La Pumzi included here, that gives instruction in both English and Swahili; and you’ll find video demonstration on how to do the lip rolls and tongue trills on my Facebook page here.

Please view the video on top of this page (illustration in English) for guidance on how to log-in to download Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-7 from If you're outside Tanzania, all major credit/debit cards are accepted on the Mkito platform.

Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-4 is a set of vocal exercises for singers to increase range, the duration of which is approximately 30 minutes, and they will improve and develop the quality of your voice AND increase your range very quickly with consistent training.

Furthermore, I provide FREE online support and tons of videos straight out of my classroom on my Telegram Channel here, wherein you’ll also find a link to join my Telegram group Joett Voice Studio. (You'll need to first download the app).

Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 5-7 is a guitar driven set of riffs for singers set to the song Color Me Beautiful from my acoustic pop EP Twisted, which will help you to begin applying your training to delivering a song. Only attempt this set of exercises several weeks down the line, once you’ve had sufficient training on Volumes 1-4. Just for reference, Vol. 6 is in a lowered key.

And so if you wanted vocal exercises for singers to increase your range, my prerecorded piano scales Vol. 1-4 are a must-have, and for more handy tips in paperback please grab a copy of my new book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu.

I can also recommend that you purchase the voice training product Superior Singing Method—which I frequently use in my classes—that comes in male and female range prerecorded tapes. Excellent for home use!

And before you go, please spare a moment to take a look at the Before & After video clip of my student Japhy Ross. His musical journey and growth with me as his tutor has been outstanding, so much so that I felt I needed to take this to Africa. And so I partnered up with Namibia's Nam Radio to create Talent Showcase Africa. I'm so excited and passionate about this new project as it will give me the opportunity to work with talent right across the African continent.

If you like this article, please be so kind as to share on your social media using the links below. And wherever you are in the world, you can learn to sing via Skype. You'll find information on my Personalized Skype Lessons here.

You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach”

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How Do You Prepare Your Voice for Singing? Here’s a Handy Tip

Much as you might want to just get up and hit the recording studio, rehearsal session, or the stage for that matter and hope your voice will warm-up during the session as you went along, the truth of the matter is, preparing your voice for singing beforehand will make a world of difference in the way you feel and certainly, in the way you sound. You’ll find singing easy and more comfortable for you.

Ideally, a quick vocal warm-up for at least 20 minutes prior to any of the aforementioned sessions should suffice. Do anything from lip rolls to humming… you can watch some examples on my Facebook page here.

But you’ll want the prerecorded piano scales, and those you’ll find come with my book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach.

I can also recommend that you purchase the voice training product Superior Singing Method, that comes in male and female range prerecorded tapes. Excellent for home use!

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You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach”

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Msaada Maalum wa Mafunzo ya Sauti na JOETT Kupitia Telegram

Kwa kipindi kirefu nimejaribu kusaidia watu kwa maelekezo, lakini mara kwa mara maswali yanakua yanajirudia. Kwanza kabisa, ni muhimu kuwaelewesha ya kwamba mazoezi ya sauti yana ratiba na miongozo ni lazima ifuatwe ndio upate mafanikio.

Swala hili nime elezea kwa kina hapa! (Kuna link za kubofya ambazo zitakupeleka kwenye maelekezo ya kina).

Leo ningependa kuorodhesha tu, yale ambayo utayakuta Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-4 kwenye mazoezi yangu yapatikanayo Lakini pamoja na hilo, ningependa pia kuwakaribisha kwenye Channel yangu ya Telegram ambapo utakuta link ya kujiunga na Group langu la Telegram. Madhumuni ya hili group ni kutoa msaada kwa wale ambao wana nia na shauka la kujifunza kuimba vizuri. Unaweza kuuliza maswali na pia nitatupia maelekezo na mifano hapo. Ni juu yako wewe kutumia hii fursa au laa. Huduma hii natoa bure kabisa. Haina gharama yeyote. Ahsanteni.

1. Download Telegram App
2. Regista
3. Jiunge na Channel kupitia ambapo utakuta link ya kujiunga na Group la Joett Voice Studio.

Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Vocal Drills Volume 1

Kwa awamu nyingine tena, na tena safari hii kwa maboresho yalio fuata mahitaji muhimu katika kujifunza kuimba kupitia mtandao, ninawaletea toleo mpya kabisa Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Mkito Volume 1. Hili toleo ni muhimu katika kukuwezesha kuingia katika mstari wa mafunzo ambayo bila shaka, yatakuletea mafanikio ya haraka. Kabla ya kuanza, hakikisha una download na kufanya zoezi langu la pumzi Mkito. Bila ya kuzungumza maneno mengi, nataka niwaachie toleo hili la kwanza (Vol. 1) msikilize mifano nakuendelea na mchanganyiko wa mazoezi ya sauti kwa takriban dakika 8. Mifano ipo. Nikusikiliza tu na kufuata hiyo mifano, na la msingi kabisa nikuachia sauti ifuate mkondo wake. Usilazimishe sauti. Iachie ifuate kinanda na maelekezo mwanana. Ukiwa na maswali, jiskie huru kuniuliza kwenye group langu la Telegram, au soma nakala kadhaa nilizo andika kwenye blog langu hapa! 

Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Vocal Drills Volume 2

Volume 2 ni muendelezo wa Vol. 1. Kwa maana ni lazima ufanye Vol.1 kabla haujafanya Vol. 2. Kwa mara nyingine tena, nita sistiza mfuate maelekezo kama yalivo kwenye toleo hili. Mazoezi haya yana dakika 7. Ukishaweza kufanya haya mazoezi, sasa utakua na mazoezi mawili. Yaani Vol. 1 & 2 katika ratiba yako ya mazoezi ya sauti ya kila siku; na utatakiwa kufanya yote kwa pamoja kufuata mlolongo huo huo wa Vol. 1 kuingia Vol. 2. Kumbuka, madhumuni ya haya mazoezi ni ku re-balance sauti yako, au kurekebisha matumizi ya sauti yako ili uweze kuimba kwa urahisi kwenda juu na kwenda chini; na mpangilio na ratiba hii ndio itaweza kukupa wewe huo uwezo kwa njia ya haraka na salama zaidi. Tafadhali usianze kukurupuka na ku-download vitu olela kwenye internet. Tafadhali fuata maelekezo yangu na mazoezi niliokuandalia ili uweze kupata mafanikio ya uhakika.

Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Vocal Drills Volume 3

Mazoezi ya Vocal Drills Volume 3 ni muendelezo wa Vol. 2. Kwa mara nyingine tena, fuata maelekezo. Kama unayo maswali ama kuna kitu kinakushinda, tafadhali uliza. Nitaweza kukupa ushauri. Lakini cha msingi nikufuata maelekezo na kufanya mazoezi stahiki kama nilivowaandalia hapa. Ukishaweza haya mazoezi ambayo muda wake ni takriban dakika 5, unatakiwa kuunganisha Vol. 1, 2 & 3 katika ratiba yako ya mazoezi ya sauti ya kila siku.

Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Vocal Drills Volume 4

Volume 4 ndio toleo la mwisho katika awamu hii mpya ya Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Mkito. Fuata maelekezo. Panapokupa taabu, tafadhali niulize nikupe muongozo. Ukishaweza hili zoezi la takriban dakika 10, sasa utakua unamazoezi ya sauti Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4 katika ratiba yako ya kujifunza kuimba. Kwahivyo, kilamara unapo kaa kufanya mazoezi yote haya kwa pamoja, unapaswa kufanya zoezi la pumzi kabla ya Vol. 1 alafu kuendelea na mazoezi ya Vol. 2, 3 & 4 bila ya kusimama.

Jumla ya muda wa mazoezi ukiunganisha hizi Volume zote 4 ni dakika 30. Kumbuka, madhumuni ya haya mazoezi ni ku re-balance sauti yako, au kurekebisha matumizi ya sauti yako ili uweze kuimba kwa urahisi kwenda juu na kwenda chini; na mpangilio na ratiba hii ndio itaweza kukupa wewe huo uwezo kwa njia ya haraka na salama zaidi. Tafadhali usianze kukurupuka na ku-download vitu olela kwenye internet. Tafadhali fuata maelekezo yangu na mazoezi niliokuandalia ili uweze kupata mafanikio ya uhakika.

Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Vocal Drills Volume 5-7 

Vol. 5, 6 & 7 ni mazoezi ambayo yatakupeleka kutumia sauti kwenye nyimbo yangu Color Me Beautiful (Acoustic Pop) kwa mpangilio ulioupata wa matumizi stahiki ya sauti kutoka Vol. 1 - 4. Ni muhimu sana USIGUSE haya mazoezi mpaka baada ya muda...hata ikibidi miezi au wiki kadhaa, punde sauti yako imekaa sawa.

Nilicho kifanya hapa nikujaribu kuwezesha watanzania wote popote walipo, kupata mafunzo stahiki ya sauti bila ya gharama ya kuhudhuria mafunzo ya sauti darasani pamoja na mimi. Maelekezo na mazoezi haya ni nyeti kwa kukuwezesha kufikia malengo yako. Sikiliza. Tenda. Utapata faida kubwa sana kwenye swala la kuimba. Amini hilo!

Muongozo wa Mazoezi

  • Download mazoezi
  • Weka kwenye CD/Computer/Smartphone 
  • Tumia chombo cha muziki cha kupigia CD; au kama unatumia smartphone, computer au flash disk hakikisha unatumia external speakers
  • Fanya mazoezi ndani ya chumba na sio maeneo ya wazi, wala sio kwa kutumia speaker za simu yako ya mkononi wala headset za masikio.

Nawatakia mafanikio mema!

Mwalimu wa Sauti

Friday, November 9, 2018

New Music Platform to Showcase Emerging African Talent in Multimedia Entertainment Project

{PRESS RELEASE} AFRICA is endowed with natural resources – from its rich, arable land to incredible wildlife, minerals, gas and oil. But also hidden in this enormous tapestry of wealth are its people and their musical talent. And so to bring hope and progress to the musical fraternity, a joint venture partnership between Namibia’s Nam Radio in Southern Africa and celebrated voice coach and author Tony Joett (pronounced Joe-Wet) from Eastern Africa, have created Talent Showcase Africa (TSA), a new pan-African platform that seeks to discover, nurture, develop and launch fresh new talent on the African continent.

Hinged on an auditioning process; a comprehensive voice training program conducted by Joett—whilst also showcasing the exhilarating creative process toward a mainstream record launch—TSA has devised a smart yet simple format in selecting talent for its flagship program which is designed to roll-out country by country, to offer an opportunity of a lifetime to a new generation of African singers. 

To highlight the positive impact this initiative will have on local talent across communities in Africa, Joett, using one of his pupils—an unsigned artiste from Tanzania who goes by the name Japhy Ross and studies voice on Joett’s community outreach pro bono program—has created a compelling Before & After video clip that chronologically catalogs his musical recordings from before the voice lessons; after ten hours of training; and ultimately his outstanding achievement after ten months. 

“When it comes to emerging talent and singing as a whole, aside from the hurdles in relation to funding a career in music, one of the greatest challenges facing African talent today is the lack of professional training facilities, and where it is sparsely available… like in some major cities, you’ll find youngsters from poorer communities unable to afford the fees,” said Joett. “I am truly humbled and deeply grateful that Skope Magazine have wholeheartedly embraced our vision and come on board to help raise awareness across North America and the world, with a view to ultimately creating a fundraising campaign for our cause, hopefully, beginning with the launch of the debut single from Japhy Ross as a workable format to discovering and breaking out new talent in Africa.”

The purpose of Nam Radio is to reduce inequalities for emerging artists within the entertainment industry, and to increase opportunities on mainstream platforms by providing a platform that is less judgmental to make their recognition easy and valuable. Joett on the other hand, who is also an ASCAP singer-songwriter and the author of a new singers’ handbook entitled ‘101 Letters from a Vocal Coach: A Collection of Helpful Tips and Articles for Singers’, brings his professional vocal coaching expertise to TSA to facilitate a training framework for aspiring singers, funneled into a high profile multimedia entertainment and learning  project that will not only see African talent come away with the professional expertise and business acumen for growth and sustainability, it will also provide them with the definitive launch pad to a successful career in music.

For more information, visit: 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

GET 50% Discount on the eBook "101 Letters from a Vocal Coach"

If you would rather get your hands on the eBook version of my new book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach than wait for the paperback to arrive in the post, then you are in luck today because I have dropped the price for the eBook to a whopping 50%.

The more you get into the content and voice training audio tapes  this book package has to offer, the more you’ll want to treasure this amazing publication.

You’re going to be surprised to discover how easy it is to learn to sing from the comfort of your own home using the powerful and effective handy tips for singers contained in this book, along with the easy-to-use voice training piano scales audio products that come with it.

Some people say that until you’ve sampled the goods, you won’t know what you’re missing out on. If you’re the kind of person that wants to learn to sing, then this will be exactly what you’re looking for. Grab the eBook on SPECIAL OFFER TODAY at 50% DISCOUNT!

To download the eBook 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach from Lulu… click here!

You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
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