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Djooky Music Awards, African Perspective On Uplifting Rising Talent


Djooky Music Awards Global Song Contest (DMAs) is inviting recording artists from across the globe, to take part. If you have recorded a track, you can upload it to and then nominate your song for the Awards. It’s that simple.

When voting begins for the National rounds, you'll then simply promote your nomination to your fan base and supporters, and if you are able to get enough votes, you will get to enter the Continental rounds and thereafter the Global rounds. 

It is ONLY in the Global rounds that the judges will get to exercise their 50% voting power. To find out who is on the judge panel, click here.  

The following video shows you how to register your song on the Djooky website.

DMAs, The African Perspective 

The Djooky Music Awards have signed an exclusive partnership with Nam Radio for Africa. You can read up on this announcement on the Djooky website here.

Now, as the official Djooky partners for Africa, Nam Radio, turbocharged by its artist development platform Talent Showcase Africa, will oversee the DMAs marketing initiatives on the African continent. 

And so we are looking for partners across the continent, and they will include the following list of stakeholders.


We have a full proposal for radio marketing the DMAs, which you’ll find here.

Record Labels

If you have emerging talent on your label, the DMAs would be a good place to bring about the exposure that your artists need to build their brand. In the case of celebrity acts on your roster, please read the following paragraph.

Celebrity Artists and Music Influencers 

We invite top artists/musicians and music influencers with millions of followers to help us uplift emerging talent. One sure way to do this is to follow in the footsteps of Mr Eazie and his Empawa Africa project. Now the beauty of the DMAs is that the infrastructure is already setup, so all a high profile personality will need to do is to plug-in local artists they want to uplift; support and promote (on their social media) during the voting process for the Djooky Awards National, Continental and Global rounds. 

I’m sure you will agree that it is always a positive thing to give back to the community by helping others realize their dreams, and the Djooky platform is the perfect place to do that at no cost to the celebrity/music influencer. Needless to say, it will create a buzz and significant engagement on the celebrity's social media platforms... which willno doubt, contribute to maintaining their relevancy in this COVID-19 era. 

Print & Digital Media 

The Djooky Music Awards has been picked up by Billboard and Music In Africa magazines, and a host of other publications across the globe; there’s more on this on the Djooky news feed here

And so from an African perspective, Nam Radio is looking for the support of media outlets right across the African continent. We have a great partnership going with the DMAs and we'd like to ensure that it benefits emerging talent from across Africa. 

The following is a video message from Brian Malouf, co-founder of the Djooky Music Awards Global Song Contest.


In Conclusion 

With your help, I know we can get an African artist to Los Angeles to record their next song at the iconic Capitol Records Studios in Los Angeles, California, with Michael Jackson's producer Brian Malouf, and his team of producers and engineers. 


JOETT — African Coordinator (DMAs)

WhatsApp +255 787 364 045

Email: talentshowcaseafrica[at]

Sunday, September 13, 2020


  • Artists from North America, Africa and South America made it to the Top 3 of the Global final. 
  • The Winner is to be awarded with a trip to LA’s Capitol Recording Studios to record a song with an all-star team and $10k cash. Runner-ups to receive significant cash awards.
  • Artists from 55 countries took part in the Summer edition of the DMA making it the biggest song contest ever. The numbers of new registrations are growing daily as the contest gains popularity around the world. The platform already boasts registrations from 70 countries which account for both artists and music lovers.
  • Djooky Music Awards - Autumn season is now open for new entries. Artists from all over the world are invited to take part.

LOS ANGELES, LONDON, 01 SEPTEMBER 2020 -- The music platform Djooky who launched the first global online song contest in July have announced their summer round global winners, the result was determined by combining the prestigious jury vote, and the public vote. The winners come from three continents - North America, South America and Africa.

The winning musicians are

1st Place

Artist: Gina Brooklyn - USA

Song: No More Hiding

Gina is a unique singer/songwriter whose style combines a multitude of influences that transcend through genres. By creating a captivating ambience for her distinctive vocals, soul-gripping melodies and engaging lyrics, she can lure even the most demanding listeners into her world. The Ohio-born singer started her music career at the tender age of 15 when she co-wrote and recorded a song that led her to become a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2017.

Listen to No More Hiding: here 

Follow on Instagram: @ginabrooklynn 

2nd Place 

Artist: Mimigold 

Song: Dance

Mimigold is a Nigerian-born singer-songwriter who entered the competition to fulfil her dreams of becoming a successful musician and wanted the world to hear her music.

Listen to Dance: here 

Follow on Instagram: @imimigold 

3rd Place

Artist: GAONA

Song: Dame Una Razón 

GAONA hails from Peru and is a renowned singer and composer and was born in the Amazonas. He is a natural activist and environmental protectionist who is an ambassador of the world project ‘Green Hearts’. He was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2019 and won the Latin American Award for best male vocalist in the same year.

Listen to Dame Una Razón: here  

Follow on Instagram: @gaonamusica

The overall international winner of the summer round Gina Brooklyn won an all-expenses paid trip to the iconic Capitol Studios (LA, USA) to record a song with Brian Malouf and to attend coaching sessions with Los Angeles based global music experts and executives. Plus a cash prize of  $10k.

In second place Mimigold was awarded $5k to upgrade her recording equipment.

In third place GAONA received $2k to upgrade his recording equipment.

Gina Brooklyn said: ‘I can’t believe I won, it’s beyond surreal. I created ‘No More Hiding’ with Dan Epand and I couldn’t have done it without him. I’m so grateful for everyone who voted for me and supported me throughout this process.’

Mimigold said: ‘It was a great pleasure participating in the DJOOKY competition. I usually don't do competitions, but I wanted to do this, and I appreciate the platform. God bless you all that support African and Nigerian music.’

GAONA said: ‘It was a special contest, we put a lot of desire and heart together with my team to attract the attention of the grand juries. We have not lost the competition, we have gained the time necessary to continue proving that what we dream of is worth fighting for. ‘

The contest was judged in the final stages by a panel of prestigious producers, musicians including world-recognised American producer, engineer, and mixer Brian Malouf whose work has amassed a total of 53 gold, platinum and double-platinum records to date; British Ivor Novello Award two-time winner and Grammy-nominated Sacha Skarbek, best known for writing James Blunt's hit singles ‘You're Beautiful’ and ‘Goodbye My Lover’,’ as well as the Miley Cyrus hit song ‘Wrecking Ball’. Award-winning musician and composer and Grammy nominee Patrice Rushen who composed and recorded the hit song, ‘Forget Me Nots’, and Justin Gray who has collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Avril Lavigne, Mariah Carey, John Legend, David Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, James Bay, and Reignwolf. 

Brian Malouf, who is also a Co-Founder of DMA, said: ‘Gina Brooklyn’s hypnotic, desperate, and powerful winning song ‘No More Hiding’ is a great example of the hidden gems we found from all over the world and a most deserving piece in this, our first seasonal song contest.

I had some great songs on my personal playlist including ‘Ilusiones’ by Keira Music, ‘Dame Una Razon’, by Gaona, ‘Not Stuck With You (NSWU)’ by Oubey, ‘Baby On Board’ by Genia Stormz, ‘No One Believes Me’ by The Grand Ma, ‘Death and Dyin’ by Poke, and ‘The Dream Is A Lie’ by Tony Arratia.

I am really happy with the outcomes, but even happier with the worldwide participation we enjoyed in our inaugural contest.  As a start-up we had a pretty steep learning curve with the tech, but I’m feeling very positive about the daily progress we’re making with it, and excited to hear the next batch of entries, which I started listening to today.’

Award-winning songwriter and one of the DMA judges Justin Gray said: ‘I was so impressed with the breadth of talent from all over the world. Every song was unique and truly represented the global wealth of true musical talent. Djooky is a very legitimate option for artists looking to find that breakout opportunity they need.’

The platform received nominations from artists located across the globe, and all six continents and The DMA took place in three stages which included National, Continental, and Global voting rounds. Djooky Music Awards is now open for the next season - Autumn Season 2020 and is accepting applications from artists all over the world until Nov 23rd, 23:59:59 GMT.

Follow Djooky Music Awards online:



Tik Tok


Press Assets


For further details contact Daria Partas on  or Lynn Carratt on 


Notes to Editors 

About Djooky

Entries in the Djooky Music Awards are welcome from all artists across the globe. To take part, an artist or a songwriter must register and upload their song on the Djooky website. Full details on how to enter are available via

Djooky Inc. is a US-registered music and fintech startup with an ambition to democratise and decentralise the global music industry. Djooky Inc. officially launched its operations in April 2020, but the team had been working tirelessly on the concept for the last two years. Through its soon-to-be-revealed innovative technology, Djooky aims to bring an everlasting social impact on the industry, which is traditionally strictly hierarchical and

dominated by the big labels. Djooky is building an ecosystem where musical talent knows no boundaries and enjoys access to opportunities for growth. 

The Djooky Music Awards is a vital part of this ecosystem which introduces emerging talent to the investor community and fully reflects the vision of the brand.

Djooky operates as an international team based in Los Angeles (USA), Berlin (Germany), London (UK) and Kyiv (Ukraine). The company is backed and co-founded by Brian Malouf, a multi-platinum US producer who has worked with the likes of Madonna and Michael Jackson.

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Learn to Sing via Correspondence, with Modules Customized to YOU

If you have ever wondered what other affordable options there are out there for you to get to learning to sing with the supervision of a professional voice coach (to at least help you find your feet at the beginning of your journey), then you will find that my all new and exciting Learn to Sing via Correspondence Course to be one of the most liberating experiences for aspiring singers on the internet today. 

When it comes to voice training the standard practice is to hire a voice coach; or to purchase downloadable voice training mp3 products with accompanying tutorial books. However, with the correspondence course I have  just created, you're looking at a completely different twist to the standard format.

This article will aim to show you how the system works, and how you stand to tremendously benefit when you sign up.

For those of you who've been following my blog posts, you’ll have noticed that I have created many voice training products over the years. However, this particular product will be my very last. So be sure to take advantage of this very unique opportunity. 

What makes this voice training product completely different from all of my other products is that, after piloting this idea for quite a while, I have created something that delivers a digital product, and better yet, it includes my personal involvement to guide you and to assess your work over a four-module installment package.

So, in essence, you’re getting downloadable vocal exercises customized to YOU, taking into consideration your gender, vocal range; as well as all of the annoying vocal issues that you in particular are going through and desparately want resolved.

The following is an outline of what you will receive with the program.


How to master the Breathing Exercise (Includes video call).


I will deliver four standard prerecorded vocal workouts which you must do whilst recording yourself and send in for assessment. (Video call is optional).


Based on my assessment of your vocal performance in Module 2, I will create a 10 to 15 minute vocal workout specifically customized to YOU.

You must send in your work for assessment in order to receive the next installment. 


Based on my assessment of your vocal performance in Module 3, I will create a more advanced 10 to 15 minute vocal workout specifically customized to YOU. 

You must send in your work for final assessment!

So there you have it! 

Want to Get Started? 

Get in touch with me asap, my contact information is in the Learn to Sing via Correspondence ad banner above.

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You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!

JOETT - Voice Coach & Author 

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The Winner of the 2020 Djooky Music Awards Summer Edition Announced, and Autumn Edition Launched


The Summer Edition of Djooky Music Awards has just ended, and so the Autumn Edition of the DMAs has just launched!

The Global Finals concluded on 29 August 2020 at 23:59 GMT, after which the panel of judges was invited to cast their vote as per the DMAs Voting Procedure

After what was a very tight competition, the winner of the Djooky Music Awards Gina Brooklyn (USA), and the runners-up, Mimigold (Nigeria) and GAONA (Peru) were determined. 

African Artists Make DMAs Top 10 List

We're extremely proud that two African artists from Nigeria: Mimigold (2nd), and Tam Ben (7th) made the DMAs Top 10 Global List. Congratulations! 

We're very much encouraged by the love and support from all the fans and music lovers from across Africa and the world. Thank you and please keep up that spirit!

The Djooky Music Awards Autumn 2020 Edition is Now OPEN for Song and Artist Registration 

The winner of the contest will travel to the iconic Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, California, to record a song with Brian Malouf and his team. The winner will also attend coaching sessions with the best music experts globally.

Entries are welcome from artists from all countries. To take part, an artist or a songwriter must register and upload their song on the Djooky website. 

Full details on how to enter are available via

We invite FM radio and record producers from across the African continent to partner up with us and to share this unique opportunity across all their platforms. 

We've also worked out a mutually benefitial plan of action to spicing up your radio shows with an especially created interactve entertainment package to engage your listenership, as outlined in my article Africa Partnership Call to Radio, for the Djooky Music Awards

Further info please contact

Collin Mogagabe, at:

Joett, at:

Download the Djooky Music Awards Jingle MP3 (below)

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Africa Partnership Call to Radio, for the Djooky Music Awards

Djooky Music Awards Global Song Contest

Namibia's Nam Radio, under whose umbrella sits artist development project Talent Showcase Africa, has signed an exclusive deal for Africa with LA-based tech startup Djooky Music Awards (DMAs). 

Music In Africa Magazine article goes into greater detail, so be sure to have a read through (here). 

This story has also been picked up by Billboard Magazine

So, what significance does this have for music talent on the African continent, and why am I writing this letter. Please take a look at some more detailed information and ideas I have put together for you below.

Our prime target is radio across Africa, for disseminating this information to the public, and the way for radio to monetize this event is to tie it all in with selling primetime advertising slots to local corporate sponsors in popular radio programs, in tandem with the DMAs. 

Now, to help you create an even bigger buzz to REALLY spice up things for your station, I can throw in my Vocals Quick Fix Africa—DIGITAL Giveaway Package for RADIO, which comprises my private coaching as a free giveaway to radio audiences across the continent. Once we've selected the best talent from audition tapes submitted to your radio platform, I will coach the winners via Skype. 

And I can recommend that we also partner up with a local record producer to help the talent record their NEXT song for the next Djooky Music Awards.

DMAs will run four times a year. So there's plenty of opportunities to promote, brand and grow this project to its full potential. In due course, we shall work out the finer details with our potential radio partners.

Further info please contact:

Collin Mogagabe, at:
Joett, at:

Download Radio Jingle MP3 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Namibia's Nam Radio Enters Exclusive Partnership with Djooky Music Awards Global Song Contest

LOS ANGELES, WINDHOEK, LONDON, 03 August 2020 -- Windhoek-based Nam Radio today announced an exclusive pan-African partnership with The Djooky Music Awards, the world’s first truly global online song contest backed by Brian Malouf, a multi-platinum American producer, engineer, and mixer who has worked with acts such as Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna and others.

The partnership aims to support artists represented on Nam Radio’s Talent Showcase Africa, a recently launched pan-African platform that seeks to discover, nurture, develop and launch fresh new talent on the African continent.

Nam Radio’s philosophy has a huge resonance with Djooky’s vision. While Nam Radio exists to reduce inequalities for emerging artists within the entertainment industry and increase opportunities on mainstream platforms, at Djooky we want to create fairer opportunities for musicians who are struggling to break through the power structures which currently exist in the music industry. 

In DMA, the power is with the people who decide which song wins over their hearts. It’s a truly democratic initiative and I hope that artists will waste no time in taking advantage of it,” says Brian Malouf, Co-Founder and Senior Judge at Djooky Music Awards.

“With this partnership we are bringing great value to emerging and established artists, and with our in-house Talent Showcase Africa platform, we shall be extending our voice coaching products and services across the continent to help artists prepare for their song recording projects,” says Collin Mogagabe, Nam Radio’s Founder and CEO.

“Our ambition is to create a truly global platform which welcomes artists from all countries of the world. The African continent is rich with musical talent and we are excited to be able to reach out to the emerging artists from all across Africa through our partnership with Nam Radio,” says Andrew Dakhovskyy, Co-Founder and CEO at Djooky.

Eleven African singers have already registered to take part in The Djooky Music Awards, with registrations from Malawi, Ghana, and South Africa leading the way. Camidoh, a Ghanaian Afro pop/RnB singer, record producer and a songwriter, was the first African entry registered on the platform.

The contest accepts applications from Artists and Songwriters until 15 August 2020, when the National Voting Round will take place and country winners will be announced. The top three Entries from each country qualify for the Continental Voting Round on 22 August 2020. The top three Entries from each continent will compete for the main prize in the Global Voting Round announced to take place on 29 August 2020.

In the Global Final, the results will be determined by way of combining the jury vote and the popular vote whereas in the National and Continental rounds the voting power is given solely to the general public.

The winner of the contest will travel to the iconic Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, California, to record a song with Brian Malouf and his team. The winner will also attend coaching sessions with the best music experts globally.

Entries are welcome from artists from all countries. To take part, an artist or a songwriter must register and upload their song on the Djooky website. Full details on how to enter are available via

Further info please contact:

Collin Mogagabe, at:

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A Reality Check for Singers who think you can get by with Just Talent

Want to Sing Like a Pro?

Struggling with your singing voice? 

In this article I tell a few hard truths about the business of singing, AND I outline the solution to resolving your vocal issues.

If you were under the impression that talent alone is enough to take you from zero to hero as a singer, and yet in secret you struggle to deliver those seemingly basic notes in the studio AND on stage... and you’re finding it hard to admit [even] to yourself thatafter all, it MUST take more than just TALENT to become a better singer, this article will aim to open up that space for you, and help you better understand what it really takes to improve your singing voice.

Have I struck a chord?

The more you care to consider what you’re missing out on for lack of vocal training, the more you’ll want to find out about what professional voice coaching can do for your career.

Well, I know there’s always the YouTube video that hands out random tips on how to improve your singing voice, but if you’ve tried learning to sing using these videos you’ll probably have found out the hard way that it isn’t so easy.

And I will explain why.

Nothing beats private coaching. There’s so much more about any individual’s vocal problems that you cannot even begin to address with one-size-fits-all downloadable mp3 products and video illustration. 

And this is why, even though I DO offer similar products myself, I’ve had to go the extra mile so as to become more accessible via WhatsApp because I’ve learned from experience that a lot of folk downloading such voice training products are using the training programs incorrectlyOR in a way that does not address their individual vocal issues—and without proper guidance, left to their own devices, they tend to achieve very little.

And so you’re going to be surprised to find just how much more you stand to gain just by working with a voice coach one-on-one.

I remember a good testimonial from Luther Vandross about a book and audio training product he’d purchased, and this is what he said.

“A couple of years ago, Stevie Wonder put me on a counsel phone hook-up with Seth and we arranged to start some voice study. Soon I became involved in Seth’s technique. I bought the book and also sat in on lessons with a junior “Star Search” winner who got a contract with CBS Records (whom I was producing). Seth’s vocal approach makes the high notes solid and easy, with no need to resort to falsetto (unless for some special effect). This approach is a valuable addition to making your styling easy, always available and extending the life of your voice.”

So, books and audio downloads are a great help, but private sessions with a professional voice coachspeaking from my own experience as a coachgo a long way toward helping you realize your full potential as a singer, as whatever is done in training will be tailored to correcting YOUR individual vocal issues. Not that of another person—just YOU, personally!

If you’re the kind of person that wants to become a better singer, I do sincerely hope this article has shed a bit more light on what it takes to become a far better singing version of yourself.

Want to Get Started? 

Take a look at my comprehensive voice training packages below, and you're welcome to join my International WhatsApp Group here

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 1

This involves private tuition inside my studio. (You’ll find information on my Skype training here). A program comprises a total of 10 hours broken up into one hour per session. In other words, every private session with me runs for one full hour. My studio is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 11am till 8.30pm East African Time.

In this program you’ll get an introduction to speech level singing technique with intensive vocal drill workouts on piano to help rebalance your voice, extend your range AND mend the bridges.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 2

In Level 2 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set, but I will be throwing into this program some truly amazing Funky n' Fun Vocal Workouts Parts 1 & 2 to help you develop your musicality.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 3

In Level 3 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set, but I will be throwing into this program more advanced Funky n' Fun Vocal Workouts, again, to further develop your sense of music and to introduce you to some of the main musical vocabulary all musicians should know.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 4

In Level 4 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set, but I will be alternating this with a more jazz, blues, pop R&B vocal workout schedule to help you develop your own unique style.

Please note that Level 4 is also the beginning of your maintenance program. Which means from this point on, you may continue to buy your ten-set programs (optional) in order to maintain your voice and to continue to grow your talent.

Vocals Quick Fix Package

In Partnership with Nam Radio we've uploaded my Vocals Quick Fix Package, an INCREDIBLE digital package that contains the book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach: A Collection of Helpful Tips and Articles for Singers, PLUS a series of comprehensive vocal workout audio files Volumes 1 to 7. 

And what's more, I will also throw in a free consultation for good measure (click here). 

If you’ve enjoyed this article, please share it on your social media and for more information on my private coaching services please feel free to get in touch with me via contact info in calling card above. 

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!

Joett – Voice Coach & Author