Monday, December 18, 2023

Episode 52 – Vocal Process On Forward Placement | Vocal Registers | Tilt

Welcome to today's episode with Vocal Process’s Gillyane Kayes and Jeremy Fisher.

They are long-standing coaches in the worldwide community, authors of This Is A Voice, and the brains behind the App Store's successful vocal app, The 1 Minute Warm Up. Listen to the fun and informative podcast on the player above, but here’s a summary of what we covered that day.

Let’s get into stage performance (OOOOOOOH)


Welcome guys and gals! Today we bring you KJ Rose, singer and creator of The Rose Effect – Artist Development & Performance Coaching. She has fantastic energy so makes for a great listen if you get a chance, you invest in her investment for sure!

Episode 56 – Voice Science Works | How Much Science Do We Need To Know?


David Harris and Laurel Irene are the brains behind the amazing resource that Voice Science Works. They take contemporary research on the voice and translate it into directly applicable information so that you, the voice user, can immediately apply it in your practice. Their website is free, accessible, and friendly to all voice users who wish to deepen their understanding and empower their learning process! In our latest episode we explore the question of voice science; do you really need to know it to be a good singer or teacher?

Tune into the podcast audio by using the player below and enjoy.

600 Second Singing Ep.5 – Breathing For Singers 101


For this episode, we’re looking at some of the basics of breathing for singing. Y’know, the stuff that seems pointless initially but could help you to take internet-based information and actually make it work for you. I mean, let’s face it… vocal exercises from websites can be hit and miss, are we right???

600 Second Singing Ep.3 – Exercises To Prepare You For A Massive/Better Range


This podcast is not a quick fix for high notes.

It’s falsetto groundwork for future greatness.

The truth about quick fixes is that they only really work when there are parts of your voice that are present already. Vocal registers are one of them. So, high notes are not going to be easy if you haven’t really explored your falsetto at all, yet so many singers want to know how to skip this detail. Well, you can’t. At least not without some external and unhelpful muscle getting involved, which will burn you in the long run.

600 Second Singing Ep.2 – Exercises We Couldn’t Live Without For Reducing Vocal Tension


Singers have a million questions relating to this subject: reducing vocal tension, so here’s another episode I want to share with you from the 600 audio series. Enjoy!

600 Second Singing Ep.6 – Are Your Vocal Exercises Helping or Hurting Your Singing?


In a more light-hearted approach to learning to sing, today's episode is to help you figure out why your vocal exercises go dreamily, but the songs don’t seem to come so easily. Take a listen to the Podcast!