Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Want to Sing Like a Pro? Get Started Today via Nam Radio

In a press release published on my blog, Namibia’s Nam Radio Ignitions Voice Coaching Initiative for Africa, we launched an exciting new online learning space for both established and aspiring artists across Africa and the diaspora.

Want to Sing Like a Pro?

The Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course involves private tuition inside my studio or via Skype, comprising a total of 10 hours broken up into one hour per session. In other words, every private session with me runs for one full hour.

In this program you’ll get an introduction to speech level singing technique with special vocal exercise drills on piano to help re-balance your voice, improve your range, pitch accuracy, flexibility, and the quality of your voice with proper breathing and vocal technique.

The Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course is designed to help you understand your own voice in greater depth and detail, and to also stimulate your desire to learn, maintain and further develop your craft as a singer. Simply put, this is for the long-haul mindset.

Get Started Today via Nam Radio

You Are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Voice Coach & Author
'101 Letters from a Vocal Coach'

Monday, June 24, 2019

Water and a Bounty of Fruit is a Brilliant Way to Hydrate the Body

unsplash-logoNaveed Pervaiz
If you are a singer and you’re wondering what to eat to help you maintain a healthy voice, this article will shed some light on the quintessential topic of hydration and why it is of significant importance to vocalists.

Water consumption is a brilliant way to keep your body well hydrated. Furthermore, try to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Vocal cords vibrate pretty quickly, and so having a proper water balance helps keep them well lubricated. And what’s more, foods that contain large amounts of water are excellent hydration-conscious snacks, including apples, oranges, pears, watermelon, peaches, melons, grapes, plums and bell peppers.

When you feel the sudden urge to clear your throat, try a sip of water or simply swallow to quench the urge to clear. If you feel like you must clear your throat often, I would advise that you get checked by a doctor for such things as acid re-flux disease, or allergy and sinus conditions.

Nothing beats several vocal naps a day, especially during periods of extended use. Find a quiet way to spend quality time ‘with yourself’ rather than talking in a noisy place. The last thing you want to do is talk loudly in noisy areas.

Definitely DON’T smoke. Smoking tremendously raises the risk of throat cancer, and even inhaling secondhand smoke will irritate the vocal cords. In a nutshell, smoking is the fastest way to hell for any vocalist anywhere on the planet. So you bear that in mind.

If you’re in the habit of yelling and screaming, that (in my book) is vocal abuse and misuse all rolled into one package for self-destruction!  If your throat feels dry or tired, or your voice is getting hoarse, reduce your voice use. The hoarseness is a warning sign that your vocal cords are irritated.

Want to Sing Like a Pro? Watch this Video.

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You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach”

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

One of THE Most Essential Elements in Developing a Singer's Voice is by Consuming a Rich Musical Diet. Discover the Missing Ingredients!

To listen to the Mica Paris Collection click here!

Now let’s assume you’re doing the voice training either by using voice training products you’ve downloaded online or with a private tutor in-studio or via Skype, one of the most essential elements people tend to forget is your musical diet. Put simply, what kind of music do you listen to? This article will discuss probably the most overlooked key ingredient to developing your musicality.

I talk quite a lot about this in my book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach, and in a recent voice note to my predominantly Tanzanian WhatsApp group I talked about the lack of a good musical diet as being one of the reasons why a lot of millennial generation youngsters, especially in Africa, are failing to grow their talent. Cos, whether you like it or not, the kind of music you listen to plays a major role in developing your ear for music and style. Now, I’m not saying you can embody the total singing package by just listening to great music, you’ll still need the training.

So: assuming you ARE already in training, your next step is to soak in all of the great stuff released in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Why? Because back then, they had no computers and therefore it was either you CAN sing or you can forget about a career in music. Up until the 00s a record producer couldn’t correct your pitch and auto-tune your vocals from start to finish to disguise your inability to deliver a simple note. And hey, let’s face it: they made really good music back then.

And so I have decided to publish on a daily basis (if I can keep this up), my recommended old-school essential listens to help you get started with consuming a vibrant, colorful and rich musical diet that comes from a bygone era when the music was SO GOOD it will live forever!

I have already started publishing my recommended list of 70s, 80s and 90s music from disco to pop, soul, R&B, jazz, new jack swing and MORE on my Tumblr here. And from time to time, I shall be blogging some more on this topic. Enjoy!

Want to Sing Like a Pro? Watch this Video.

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You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach”

Monday, June 3, 2019

Own a Laptop and Some Decent External Speakers? Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Singing

Want to Sing Like a Pro? Watch this Video.

If you’ve wondered how learning to sing online works, then this article will explore the options available to you, whilst highlighting the easiest path to your singing success. In this article, I will also provide links to some of my previous articles as well as links to my voice training products, so please make sure that you explore those to see the bigger picture.

Buying a learn-to-sing product online and learning on your own can be quite a lonely experience. This is why, it is good to join a community of learners such as yourself to keep you motivated and striving to achieve your goals.

And this is the reason why I created WhatsApp and Telegram groups to offer support to all of the people that have acquired my products and want my help in their home-learning process. I offer this particular service for free.

In recent weeks, my voice coaching services have been uploaded to Nam Radio’s retail store where anyone, anywhere in Africa and the Diaspora is able to purchase my private voice coaching as well as my book 101 Letter from a Vocal Coach and its accompanying audio product Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-7.

So here are the 3 simple steps to improving your singing online.

First, you buy the products you’re going to need for the training. Your next step is to join a support network, such as a WhatsApp or Telegram group as mentioned above. And this next step (optional) is to take up private lessons via Skype or in person with a professional voice coach to help kick-start your path to learning.

If you’re the kind of person that really needs to learn to sing online and you want the motivation and technical support to help you get started, then this will be exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll find more information on my private voice coaching here!

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You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach”

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jifunze Kuimba na Joett WhatsApp 2019

Je, ungependa kujifunza kuimba kiurahisi na bila gharama yeyote?

Basi nimekuandalia kila kitu. Cha kufanya ni kufuata maelekezo na kujumiaka na wenzio WhatsApp.

Nilikua nimesitisha huduma ya WhatsApp na kuhamia Crew na Telegram, lakini kwa mara nyingine tena nimeamua kurudi WhatsApp kwasababu watu wengi hupendelea zaidi app hiyo. Sasa basi, ukisha jiunga utapata muongozo wa jinsi zoezi hili linavo endeshwa, na pia utapata eBook (pdf) yangu yenye maelekezo kuhusu mazoezi ya sauti Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-7 ambayo yanapatikana Mkito.com.

Lakini ni muhimu kabla hujafanya lolote usome maelekezo hapa kwenye blog langu kwanza na ukiwa na maswali, ntayajibu kwenye group langu JOETT Voice Studio WhatsApp.

Kuna mazoezi ya ziada ambayo narushia WhatsApp na vile vile najibu maswali na kutoa ushauri kuhusu maswala ya uimbaji.

Maelekezo ya ziada kuhusu msaada huu maalum wa mafunzo utayapata hapa!

Kujifunza kuimba online inataka kujituma. Darasani pia inataka kujituma na kuhudhiria madarasa. Katika njia zote mbili, wanafunzi wengi hughairi.

Inataka mtu unajijengea tabia ya kufanya mazoezi. Jitengenezee ratiba. Hata kama ni siku moja kwa wiki. Baada ya muda unazoe. Na inakua jambo rahisi kutekeleza bila ya kuona uzito.

Na la mwisho kabisa, kumbuka, mazoezi ya sauti hayana mwisho. Ni endelevu.

Nawatakia mafanikio mema!


Saturday, May 4, 2019

Namibia’s Nam Radio Ignitions Voice Coaching Initiative for Africa

unsplash-logoScott Webb
PRESS RELEASE May 04, 2019 -- Nam Radio, an all African music channel that gives power to the upcoming African artist by creating a platform for those typically lacking media access, proudly present Vocals Quick Fix Africa Project to provide essential training that will equip artists with skills and knowledge to attract their recognition by mainstream platforms.

In collaboration with their in-house artist development brand Talent Showcase Africa (TSA), Nam Radio is launching the first ever radio jingle and social media campaign in Africa that offers a very unique opportunity for listeners across Africa and the Diaspora to connect with a celebrated voice coach for the purpose of getting professional training to help them become better singers.

Joett, voice coach to afro pop superstar Vanessa Mdee and the author of new singers’ handbook 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach, is creator of the 'Complete Vocals Overhaul' concept in association with Nam Radio and heads up its pan-African training division.

“When it comes to singing, you are the instrument!” said Joett. “With proper training, almost anyone can learn to sing like a pro—with no pain and no strain.”

Referring to their flagship voice training program, Joett explains: “we have created something that is tailored to the mindset of African singers; a program that doesn’t involve a lot of time and requires absolutely no long-term commitment from the artist whatsoever. It is what it is. A ‘Vocals Quick Fix’ for pre-studio recording sessions and live gigs. Plain and simple! This, I feel, should work well for Africa.”

Citing shouting and putting weight on the throat as being one of the most endemic problems afflicting African singers, Joett advocates vocal rebalancing using specific tailor-made vocal exercises, as the key solution to freeing the singer from all the pain and strain associated with the untrained voice.

With private voice lessons conducted by Joett via Skype, Nam Radio brings convenient, affordable, professional help to both upcoming and established artists across the African continent, and the Diaspora.

To book your place visit their website today, at: Nam-Radio.com

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Auditioning for East Africa's Got Talent? See How Easily You Can Impress the Judges With the Vocals Quick Fix Solution

The recently launched East Africa’s Got Talent (EAGT) reality TV show is inviting talented individuals, including singers, to audition for an opportunity to feature in the talent search show, which is set to air in August 2019.

Interested individuals, aside from auditioning at a designated location in their respective countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, they can also submit a one-minute video recording with their name, age and country to the judges via WhatsApp (See numbers in poster above).

If you plan to audition for East Africa's Got Talent as a singing talent, then I'll let you in on a little secret.

In order to gain an unfair advantage over your fellow competitors, there are specific vocal exercises you can do that will quickly improve your voice in time for your audition. Not to mention, you'll greatly increase your chances of being selected.

Now here's the good news! In association with Nam Radio, an all African music channel that gives power to the upcoming African artist by creating a platform for those typically lacking media access, we proudly introduce the Complete Vocals Overhaul program to offer you the pro vocal warm-up that will re-balance your voice so you can impress EAGT talent contest judges on the day.

Nothing can get you closer to being selected than good preparation.

This program is available to practically anybody anywhere in the world, but with this article I only want to focus on helping contestants prepare for East Africa's Got Talent.

Get started TODAY via Nam-Radio.com, and be sure to listen to the Sing Like a Pro Radio Jingle in widget below... and please feel free to download mp3 to share on WhatsApp; or simply share the SoundCloud link across all social media platforms.

What's more, I also provide vocal coaching backup support via Telegram. So if you need guidance and plenty of audio and video content to help you steadfastly move along with your training, you'll want to join my Telegram Channel, wherein you'll also find the link to joining my Telegram Group. (You'll need to download the app). And so I shall look forward to seeing you there!


Tarehe ya Usahili wa East Africa’s Got Talent (EAGT), ni tarehe 25 na 26 May kwa TANZANIA, Pia unaweza kutuma video clip ya dakika moja WhatsApp, ikionyesha kipaji chako, Usisahau kutupa jina lako na unatokea wapi. Onyesha kipaji chako. Zawadi ya Tshs Milion 120 ni yako. #EAGT

You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach”