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Why Voice Training Is Essential for Singers: What the Stars Have to Say (Part 1)

PUBLISHED IN BUSINESS TIMES OCTOBER 24TH 2014 -- If you want to sing, voice training is absolutely essential. In this article, rather than try to impress upon you how critically important a vocal coach is to a singer, I’ve opted to compile the first installment for you to digest on What the Stars Have to Say.

First off, here’s what producer, recording artist and singer Michael Jackson had to say about his vocal coach. “A great many voice teachers, in their effort to teach a workable vocal technique, take away a singer’s style and the individuality that established his career in the first place. A great teacher is able to direct a singer toward a healthier, more extensive use of his voice without losing that special quality that sets him apart. Seth is such a teacher. His assistance on my albums ET, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory and his travelling with me on the 1988 World Tour, continues to confirm my confidence in this approach.”

Producer and singer Luther Vandross had the following to say. “A couple of years ago, Stevie
Wonder put me on a counsel phone hook-up with Seth and we arranged to start some voice study. Soon I became involved in Seth’s technique. I bought the book and also sat in on lessons with a junior “Star Search” winner who got a contract with CBS Records (whom I was producing). Seth’s vocal approach makes the high notes solid and easy, with no need to resort to falsetto (unless for some special effect). This approach is a valuable addition to making your styling easy, always available and extending the life of your voice.”

Quincy Jones—the famous producer and arranger who produced Michael Jackson, brings his spot-on perspective to this topic. “When the ‘tracks’ are hot, sweetening and balance still to consider, and release dates still pending, there’s precious little time to accommodate an artist’s vocal indisposition. It has been my experience that myriad problems such as vocal fatigue, lack of control and diminishing vocal quality can be overcome or eliminated by solid, practical vocal technique. Seth has an uncanny ability to prepare vocalists so that there is little time lost to the usual vocal problems. His assistance during Michael Jackson’s 1988 World Tour kept Michael tuned up like a Ferrari.”

In Conclusion: If at all you had doubts as to the importance of voice training, these testimonials from Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and Quincy Jones should sway your opinion. And if you want to consider private voice lessons in-studio or online, that will teach you the very same technique used by Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross in training, Dar es salaam has such a vocal coach at your disposal. Yes, you heard that right. I’m here to help. For international long-distance learning programs please contact me.

If you want to improve your singing voice, read my Vocal Training Product Review for Home Learning article in which I recommend vocal training programs that cover the entire spectrum in voice training to include: Pitch, Tone, Vocal Agility, Head Voice, High Notes, the Mix, Vibrato and MORE. Click Here!

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Why Voice Training Is Essential for Singers: What the Stars Have to Say (Part 2) 

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Airtel Trace Music Star: New Opportunity for Young Singers?

Singing competitions scale an all new high note with this one: auditioning by submitting your vocals? Phwoar, who would've thought this was even possible in the 90s. I must admit though, that I do like the sound of this. So much so that I actually picked up the phone and rang an Airtel executive to find out more about this and to offer my professional support to aspiring contestants. Well, in my capacity as vocal coach (independent of Airtel) I've taken it upon myself to try to help out those of you who want to audition, but want to get some vocal training before you do. In recent weeks (I remember posting this on Facebook), I've been offering free voice lessons via WhatsApp. And it works pretty effectively.

All you need to do is sing into your WhatsApp recorder and to send that to me on +255 787 364 045. I will listen to your voice and give you some feedback.

NEXT STEP: I'll recommend a training program for you -- you'll download the piano scales from JoettVoiceStudio on VoiceHulkshare -- and then I will record an example of the exercises you need to do on WhatsApp to guide you. It's really that simple. And it won't cost you a penny. Isn't that SO nice?

I'm here to help!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Level One Wakizungumzia Singo Walioshirikishwa na Joett

Nixon, Abdul na Rahym ndio vijana wa Level One. Sikiliza wakifunguka hapa. Na pia angalia video Joett Presents New Tanzanian Boyband Level One hapa

Joett Music Publishing via ASCAP, USA.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bongo Flava Hip Hop Artist G Fullah Funeral in Pictures

G Fullah alifariki siku ya Jumapili tarehe 5 Octoba 2014 hospitali ya Muhimbili, Dar es salaam, akazikwa siku ya Jumatatu tarehe 6 Octoba makaburi ya Kinondoni. Marehemu alikua akisumbuliwa na tatizo la upungufu wa damu. Alifariki siku nane kabla singo yake ya kwanza "I'm Gonna Live Forever" kutoka, ambayo ameshirikishwa kwenye singo ya Joett pamoja na kundi la vijana (boyband) wa kitanzania Level One. Jina lake kamili, Furaha Mwaigomole, alifariki akiwa na umri wa miaka 28. Ameacha mtoto mwenye umri wa miaka 11. Mungu ailaze roho yake pahali pema peponi. Amen.

G Fullah died on Sunday October 5th 2014 at Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es salaam, and was buried at Kinondoni Cemetery Monday October 6th. He suffered from anemia. He died eight days before the release of his debut single "I'm Gonna Live Forever" October 13th, in which he appears as featured artist on Joett's single alongside Tanzanian boyband Level One. His real name is Furaha Mwaigomole, and he was 28 years of age. He is survived by an 11-year-old son. RIP G Fullah.

Joett Music Publishing via ASCAP, USA.
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Joett (ft. G Fullah & Level One) - I'm Gonna Live Forever [Audio]

Releasing Monday 13th October 2014, I'm Gonna Live Forever is a Nu Disco dance track by Tanzanian artists Joett ft. G Fullah & Level One. The single will be available on Tanzania's as well as on all major online stores worldwide: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Amazon Music, Rhapsody, XBox Music, eMusic, Google Play and more.

Joett Music Publishing via ASCAP, USA.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Joett's Featured Bongo Flava Artist In Brand New Single Dies

I was SHOCKED to hear of his death this morning. According to his family he was very ill and had been hospitalized. Earlier, he'd been diagnosed with Leukemie by the Mwananyamala Hospital, but later, at a different hospital prior to his death, that diagnosis had not been confirmed. This is very tragic and devastating, to say the least.

I discovered G Fullah on ITV's Hawavumi Lakini Wamo last year and he immediately inspired me to form a boyband. And so I rang ITV to ask them to connect me with him. Fullah came to my studio, and I began to vocal coach him while I talent searched for other boys to join the band which I went on to name 3G. Mrembo Wa Kiafrika, which was penned by Fullah and rearranged by myself, was the first recording for the boys--now three: Frankie G, Ozbitala and G Fullah. We completed the acoustic recording and the plan was to have a more commercial version to put out to market. And so a couple of months ago I put the track online just as a feeler, to see how people would respond to it. And then I decided I was going to ask Lamar to remix the track into the currently popular mchiriku style (I haven't asked him yet, but I got my London producer to send me the vocal stems and I was just about to give them to Lamar).

In the meantime, a sped-up version of his rap section in Mrembo Wa Kiafrika, created by my London producer Patrick Jonsson and later mixed and mastered by King Penn in Atlanta, USA., landed on my latest single I'm Gonna Live Forever due out October 13th, in which Fullah is now a featured artist. This was to be his launch pad. I wanted to give him this platform, along with another boyband I'd formed and named Level One. I had plans for G Fullah. And I had a feeling this was going to make him a HUGE star. But, my gosh. He's gone too soon! I remember when I contacted him on September 14th to inform him that he was on my single, he was so very excited. We planned to meet the following week, but somehow I got tangled up with a heavy schedule. I SMSed him September 27th, and didn't get a reply. Tried again October 1st, and didn't get a reply. And so I tried calling but never got through.

I was with my video director Meja last night discussing plans for the video, when I mentioned that Fullah had somehow vanished and that I was very worried about him. This morning, the news of his death hits me like a bullet. I'm lost for words. Where do we go from here?

First of all, I have decided that I will be dedicating the video to G Fullah. I've already discussed that with my director. We both agree it is the right thing to do.

It's been a long day. I've shed a lot of tears. The funeral is tomorrow. I'm closing down my studio tomorrow and I will be heading out to his family home in Mbezi Beach. Fullah was such a nice, gentle and kind human being. Very patient, and always considerate of others. I wonderful soul. May the good Lord rest his soul in eternal peace. Amen.

Listen On Jango Radio I'm Gonna Live Forever by Joett ft. G Fullah & Level One
Download Mrembo Wa Kiafrika by 3G


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Msanii Chipukizi G Fullah Kwenye Singo Mpya ya Joett Afariki Dunia

Niliwasiliana na G Fullah mara ya mwisho tarehe 14 September. Nilikua ninampa taarfia kwamba yumo kwenye singo yangu mpya aki-chana, na kwamba mixing na mastering inafanywa Marekani, na akafurahi sana. Nikamwambia nitamuita wiki ifuatayo tuje kuongea zaidi kuhusu project yetu. Ile wiki ilyofuatia sikumwita. Nilibanwa sana kikazi. Nikaja kumtumia SMS tarehe 27 Septemba lakini hakujibu. Nikajaribu tena tarehe 1 Octoba, hakujibu. Nikapiga simu mara kibao, hapatikani.

Jana jioni nilikua na video producer wangu Meja tukijadili mikakati ya kutengeneza video, nikamwambia Fullah kapotea. Sijui yuko wapi. Nilikua na hofu sana.

Cha ajabu, asubuhi ya leo napata habari ya kwamba mwenzetu amefariki leo asubuhi, na kwamba alikua anaumwa sana. Nimetoka kuongea na shemeji yako hivi punde, na kaniambia wanaterajia kumzika kesho. Kwao wanapoishi familia yake na palipo msiba ni Mbezi Beach.

Ni pigo kubwa sana. Kama mwalimu wake na msanii
wangu kwenye lebo yangu Joett Music, nimehuzunishwa sana na kifo cha G Fullah. Singo yangu mpya ambayo nimemshirikisha yeye pamoja na vijana wa Level One (ambao pia ni wasanii wangu), tunaiachia rasmi Octoba 13, na nimeamua kwamba nita dedicate the video to him. Tunaterajia ku-shoot baada ya wiki kadhaa, na mapaka hapo tutakapokamilisha zoezi hilo, nina muomba mungu atupe nguvu katika wakati huu mgumu. Fullah alikua ni mtu mzuri, mkarimu na mwenye subra na upendo kwa jamii iliomzunguka. Nawapa pole wanafamilia, ndugu na marafiki zake wote. Mola ailaze roho yake pema peponi.

Sikiliza Audio YouTube I'm Gonna Live Forever by Joett (ft. G Fullah & Level One) 


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Joett Aachia Singo Mpya Akishirikisha Wasanii Chipukizi wa Bongo Flava G Fullah na Level One

PRESS RELEASE Octoba 1, 2014 -- Mwalimu wa kuimba na msanii wa ku-rekodi miondoko ya pop – Joett, anaachia singo yake mpya I’m Gonna Live Forever Octoba 13 2014, ambayo amewashirikisha wasanii wa bongo flava G Fullah na kundi la vijana wa kiume (boyband) lijulikanalo kama Level One. Vocals za trak hii zilirekodiwa na Max Rioba pale Authentic Records, Dar es salaam, na kuandaliwa na producer mahiri nchini Uingereza, Patrick Jonsson, ambae amefanya kazi na Joett kwa kipindi kirefu. Mixing pamoja na mastering ya trak hiyo imefanyika na sound engineer na producer King Penn (KP), wa Atlanta, Marekani,  ambae amefanya kazi na lebo ya Madonna ijulikanayo kama Maverick; Warner Bros, EMI, Beyonce, Solange, Columbia, 50 Cent, John Lennon Songwriters, MCA, The Big Boy Records, Def Jam, Dallas Austin, na mamia ya wasanii wa lebo ndogo zijuliakanazo kama Indie Labels. Joett, ambae hutoa singo moja tu kwa mawaka, aliamua kuwashirikisha vijana hawa ili kuwapa fursa ya kutoka katika viwango vya kimataifa, na amedhamiria kuendelea kufanya hivyo kwa miaka ijayo. “Ningependa sana kukuza vijana katika tasnia hii ya mziki, na hasa kuwashukuru mashabik pamoja na wadau wa mziki kwa ushirikiano wao enedelevu,” alisema Joett.

G Fullah alinyakuliwa na Joett toka kipindi cha ITV Hawavumi Lakini Wamo; Abdul Kagoi toka Epiq Bongo Star Search 2013; Rahym alitambulishwa kwa Joett na kaka yake, msanii wa bongo flava Mbongo Halisi, nakuchukuliwa na Joett kufundishwa kuimba. Nixon alidhaminiwa na mama yake kufundishwa sauti kwa Joett, alafu baadae Joett akamweka kwenye program yake ya misaada kwa wasanii chipukizi na hatimae kummpa mkataba wa ku-rekodi chini ya lebo yake – Joett Music. Kikundi cha Level One ni Abdul, Rahym na Nixon. Pakua trak hiyo kali kutoka tovuti la kibongo kuanzia Octoba 13, 2014.

Joett Music Publishing via ASCAP, USA.
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Joett Releases New Pop Single Featuring Emerging Bongo Flava Artist G Fullah and Tanzanian Boyband Level One

PRESS RELEASE 1st Oct 2014 -- Vocal coach and pop recording artist Joett, is releasing brand new single I’m Gonna Live Forever on Monday October 13th 2014, featuring bongo flava artist G Fullah and debuting Tanzanian boyband Level One. Produced by Joett’s longtime record producer, Patrick Jonsson in London, UK, the track was mixed and mastered by top Atlanta, USA-based engineer and producer King Penn (KP) – who has worked on projects for Madonna’s label Maverick, Warner Bros, EMI, Beyonce, Solange, Columbia, 50 Cent, John Lennon Songwriters, MCA, The Big Boy Records, Def Jam, Dallas Austin, and many hundreds of Indie Label Artists. Vocals were recorded by Max Rioba at Authentic Records, Dar es salaam.

In a quest to help develop and launch local talent to an international standard, Joett, who only releases one single a year, has decided to feature local talent on this year’s release, and to continue with this tradition into the future. “I really want to make a difference, and I want to thank fans and local stakeholders in this industry for their continued support,” said Joett.

G Fullah was discovered by Joett on ITV's Hawavumi Lakini Wamo; Abdul Kagoi on Epiq Bongo Star Search 2013; Rahym was introduced to Joett by his brother, bongo flava artist Mbongo Halisi, and was taken under Joett’s wing for vocal training. Nixon's mother sponsored him for voice lessons with Joett, and was later placed on Joett’s pro-bono Artist Development Program, and eventually signed to the Joett Music label. Tanzanian boyband Level One are Abdul, Rahym and Nixon.

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