Monday, October 27, 2014

Airtel Trace Music Star: New Opportunity for Young Singers?

Singing competitions scale an all new high note with this one: auditioning by submitting your vocals? Phwoar, who would've thought this was even possible in the 90s. I must admit though, that I do like the sound of this. So much so that I actually picked up the phone and rang an Airtel executive to find out more about this and to offer my professional support to aspiring contestants. Well, in my capacity as vocal coach (independent of Airtel) I've taken it upon myself to try to help out those of you who want to audition, but want to get some vocal training before you do. In recent weeks (I remember posting this on Facebook), I've been offering free voice lessons via WhatsApp. And it works pretty effectively.

All you need to do is sing into your WhatsApp recorder and to send that to me on +255 787 364 045. I will listen to your voice and give you some feedback.

NEXT STEP: I'll recommend a training program for you -- you'll download the piano scales from JoettVoiceStudio on VoiceHulkshare -- and then I will record an example of the exercises you need to do on WhatsApp to guide you. It's really that simple. And it won't cost you a penny. Isn't that SO nice?

I'm here to help!

WhatsApp +255 787 364 045

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