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Why Voice Training Is Essential for Singers: What the Stars Have to Say (Part 1)

PUBLISHED IN BUSINESS TIMES OCTOBER 24TH 2014 -- If you want to sing, voice training is absolutely essential. In this article, rather than try to impress upon you how critically important a vocal coach is to a singer, I’ve opted to compile the first installment for you to digest on What the Stars Have to Say.

First off, here’s what producer, recording artist and singer Michael Jackson had to say about his vocal coach. “A great many voice teachers, in their effort to teach a workable vocal technique, take away a singer’s style and the individuality that established his career in the first place. A great teacher is able to direct a singer toward a healthier, more extensive use of his voice without losing that special quality that sets him apart. Seth is such a teacher. His assistance on my albums ET, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory and his travelling with me on the 1988 World Tour, continues to confirm my confidence in this approach.”

Producer and singer Luther Vandross had the following to say. “A couple of years ago, Stevie
Wonder put me on a counsel phone hook-up with Seth and we arranged to start some voice study. Soon I became involved in Seth’s technique. I bought the book and also sat in on lessons with a junior “Star Search” winner who got a contract with CBS Records (whom I was producing). Seth’s vocal approach makes the high notes solid and easy, with no need to resort to falsetto (unless for some special effect). This approach is a valuable addition to making your styling easy, always available and extending the life of your voice.”

Quincy Jones—the famous producer and arranger who produced Michael Jackson, brings his spot-on perspective to this topic. “When the ‘tracks’ are hot, sweetening and balance still to consider, and release dates still pending, there’s precious little time to accommodate an artist’s vocal indisposition. It has been my experience that myriad problems such as vocal fatigue, lack of control and diminishing vocal quality can be overcome or eliminated by solid, practical vocal technique. Seth has an uncanny ability to prepare vocalists so that there is little time lost to the usual vocal problems. His assistance during Michael Jackson’s 1988 World Tour kept Michael tuned up like a Ferrari.”

In Conclusion: If at all you had doubts as to the importance of voice training, these testimonials from Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and Quincy Jones should sway your opinion. And if you want to consider private voice lessons in-studio or online, that will teach you the very same technique used by Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross in training, Dar es salaam has such a vocal coach at your disposal. Yes, you heard that right. I’m here to help. For international long-distance learning programs please contact me.

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