Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What Comes First: Rehearsals, Performing, Recording, Training?

If you have experienced difficulty with delivering your notes when you sing, then perhaps it is time to get organized in a manner that will eliminate the problem for good. This short article will offer tips on how to schedule for better results.

The more you continue to rehearse, perform and record without first training the voice, the deeper you’ll sink into vocal ruin that ultimately gets more and more difficult to fix.

I come across singers all the time who are extremely busy performing and recording new tracks and pay no attention whatsoever to voice training before they do any of that. They have their priorities squarely hinged on everything but. Well, let me show you the order in which singers must work. And you’re going to be amazed to find just how effective this strategy will be for you.

First and foremost, before you even begin rehearsals, spend some quality time voice training—several weeks I would recommend—just for an hour a day. And then get into rehearsal but you must continue to train and make sure that you do your vocal warm-up before you begin your rehearsals every time.

When you begin your studio recording sessions, again, you must continue your vocal exercises and like you do before rehearsal, warm-up the voice for at least twenty minutes before you hit the recording studio.

Oh, and about that stage performance? Do your vocal exercises before you go to the venue! If you do this religiously, you’ll never experience difficulty in delivering your notes ever.

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