Monday, September 13, 2010

Joett Dance Studio

I've been unable to start the dance program. Last week was practically impossible. My schedule is pretty tight. I had to reorganize that over the weekend. So now, hopefully, the first dance class kicks off this Thursday. I haven't quite decided on the time slot just yet, but as soon as I know, everyone on the waiting list will receive an SMS from me.

In the meanwhile my new DANCE calling cards (to appear on the flip side of my VOICE cards) are being printed as we speak. I've just approved the artwork (see left). Like it? So catch you later!


  1. hi there, this is all so exciting for classes from a professional choreographer dream come true..Please let your timings be flexible for those of us who work until 5.30 in the evenings.
    Cheers, Laura

  2. Hi Laura, I think you attended the class today? You're a GREAT dancer! I'm adding Saturday 7pm to the dance schedule. I will blog this info shortly.

  3. Nice Blog you have, but you have to be more specific on your location!!!

  4. Hi, I always send out directions via SMS to everyone who wants to make an appointment to attend any of my classes. But just to give you an idea, my studio is located 3 streets behind the Colosseum Gym -- which is located on Haile Selassie Road in Oysterbay.