Monday, September 20, 2010

Singing Workshops Come to Dar es salaam

Singing workshops are great fun. I've always wanted to do this. When I did the pilot I knew I was onto something truly awesome. I've now opened my studio doors to anybody out there who wants to put a new spin on singing. Here's what to expect. If you want to learn to develop your own individual style; write great songs; create fabulous melodies and sing in harmony with a blend of many different voices, then this workshop is for you. As we sing, I will be helping you AND others find your true voice. And in that process, you'll pick up on a lot of handy tips you never knew existed. It'll be a blast. To join my workshops you'll need to have had at least five hours of voice training with me. Otherwise you won't have the basic foundation to pull this off. My singing workshops run as follows: Wednesdays 5.30pm to 6.30pm. Fridays 5pm to 6pm. Saturdays 2pm to 3pm.

Hope to see you soon.

Vocal Coach - Pop, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Dance, Gospel
Mobile# 0715 364 045 / 0787 364 045
Email: info[at]joettmusic[dot]com


  1. I love to sing but i dont really do it well. How much do your classes cost?


  2. Hi Christine,

    My fee is 100,000 shillings for 10 hours of voice training per program. Just ring or SMS me to make an appointment for a free 30-minute assessment.

    0715 364 045