Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How to Get a Complete Vocal Warm-Up in Just 12 Minutes

If you are a singer—aspiring, emerging or established—and if you’ve ever experienced your voice playing up when you least expect it, then you'll be amazed to find that there is an easy way to fix the problem permanently.

Yes, I meant that literally.

Nothing beats a good vocal warm-up just before you hit the studio, stage—or if you like, simply for vocal maintenance.

And so if you are an artiste struggling with issues relating to your voice, this article will offer handy tips to help you slip right through the little vocal hurdles and what's more, I’m also throwing in a complete breathing and vocal warm-up exercise package for good measure.

To get OUTSTANDING results, you only need 12 minutes a day!

The more entrenched in vocal malfunction you are, the more you’ll want to find a solution that not only sorts out the problem, but one that when done regularly and correctly can also propel your vocal talent onto the next level. You’re going to be amazed to find that for only a few minutes a day, just how effective this proven vocal warm-up regimen is going to be for you.

Professionally trained singers will attest that until you’ve experienced the advantages of a well planned vocal warm-up exercise, you won’t quite fully understand what it is you’re missing out on. So let me explain in not so many words. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet so you can get on with the exercises I am giving away for FREE at the end of this article down below.

When it comes to singing, there are two things that are most inseparable. You need good breathing technique to carry your notes; and your voice needs to have an evenly connected tone all the way up and down your lower, middle and upper registers.

Now, the only way to develop a clean and well connected tone when you sing is to do your breathing exercise (approximately 5 minutes on my prerecorded tape), prior to your vocal warm-up scales (only 7 minutes on Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1)—in that particular order—every time you want to warm-up your voice.

You're only one step away from downloading my free voice training package. Quintessentially, here's the deal. I have uploaded a 12-minute vocal warm-up and breathing exercise set along with illustration video content from my classroom... which will show you how it's done. It's easy, quick, and you only need to do this regularly (once a day) to get massive results. It's that simple.

Want to get started? S-t-r-e-a-m FREE voice training audio tapes, here!

My book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach contains over a hundred articles and tips for singers, and is available in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu. It also includes my complete voice training audio product Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-7.

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So the next time your vocals aren't delivering the notes as they should, you know where to find the quickest yet most complete vocal warm-up combo anywhere on the internet right here.

You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
101 Letters from a Vocal Coach

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