Monday, August 5, 2019

Introducing Joett Daily Drills Quick Vocal Warm-ups via Tumblr

If you want a quick vocal warm-up on-demand, you’ll find this blog post handy.

I’m kinda drawn to Tumblr nowadays, the platform seems to have what I want. I particularly like the audio and video feature on there, that allows you to post audio and--well, disallows downloading audio/video content for the end-user.

So this is pretty much your on-the-go quick access space for singers where you simply get online, connect your speakers to your device and do your vocal workout. End of story!

There’s no such thing as you losing your training mp3 collection from your device for whatever reason, because you’ll find my audio files on Tumblr anyway.

Want Private Voice Lessons? No problem! 

Wherever you are in the world my Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course involves private tuition both inside my studio and via Skype, and comprises a total of 10 hours split into an-hour-a-day sessions.

Private voice lessons run for one full hour 

In this program you’ll get an introduction to speech level singing technique with special vocal exercise drills on piano to help re-balance your voice, improve your range, pitch accuracy, flexibility, and the quality of your voice with proper breathing and vocal technique.

The Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course is designed to help you understand your own voice in greater depth and detail, and to also stimulate your desire to learn, maintain and further develop your craft as a singer. Simply put, this is for the long-haul mindset.

Want to get started? Book your place TODAY, here!

You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

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