Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mayunga Living His Airtel Trace Music Star Dream As 2015 Winner!

Mayunga Andrew Nalimi is nibbling on the upper crust of fame and success.

In 2015 he snatched the Airtel TRACE Music Star competition and his career and life have been set on a fast track to continental and global domination.

His second single, “Please Don’t Go Away”, hits the airwaves this week and will surely make a dent on the charts. It features a sample of the melody of “Mbube”, composed by Solomon Linda from South Africa in 1939, one of the most popular songs to ever come out of Africa, adapted for global audiences as “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

The sensational Tanzanian talent was tutored and mentored by the Grammy Award nominated US and Senegalese born superstar, Akon as part of the prize package.  His first single “Nice Couple” was unleashed on unsuspecting music audiences last year with his intoxicating and unique sound. The video for the track was shot in Orlando East, Soweto in South Africa.

"Mayunga has an interesting voice and sound that is uniquely his. He is poised for greater things in music. It has been an honour for me to hone and tone him in preparation for a long career," comments Akon.

From as early as just five years old, Mayunga who comes from the town of Morogoro in Eastern Tanzania, showed great interest in music, singing aloud and interrupting conversations. This developed into a passion that he has relentlessly pursued over the years, always seeking an opportunity to take to the stage and captivate audiences with his remarkable singing talents.

At 18 years of age, Mayunga recorded an inspirational track titled “Break the Rough” -Tanzania knew that he had something different. He describes his singing as "attractive and full of entertainment", adding that he is competitive by nature.

Just like hundreds of thousands of aspiring musicians across the continent, Mayunga turned to the Airtel TRACE Music Star competition to inch himself closer to his dream.

With 2.3 million registered calls and piping 12 other hopefuls in a nail biting finale, Mayunga emerged victorious and today stands as one of Africa's brightest emerging music stars.

He pocketed a lucrative prize package that included a record deal, promotional and mentorship campaigns.

"This has been an opportunity of a lifetime to change my life and support my career. I won't let down everyone who believed in me, there's more I want to offer to the industry," says Mayunga.

This star, inspired by international artists such as Usher, Chris Brown and Tanzanian talents such as Nuru and Eli, is definitely on the rise and his fans will not be dissapointed.

Look out for the broadcast of this year’s finale event with 10 hopeful future African and global stars. Keep watching TRACE Urban for the broadcast dates in June 2016

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