Saturday, November 23, 2019

How to Set-up for Voice Lessons with a Coach on Skype

How to Set-up for Skype Voice Lessons with Joett

  1. I'll need your email address to send you some working files.
  2. You'll require two devices: a mobile phone and a laptop or PC. If you only have one device, then it needs to be connected to external Bluetooth speakers and I will cue the scales for you to repeat, and when you're proficient enough I will play the scales in real time.  
  3. Download Skype to your phone and laptop or PC. 
  4. Add my Skype ID 'tojona' so we can talk via free Skype to Skype.
  5. To playback the sound files I send you, one of your devices, say--your laptop needs to be connected to external speakers... like Bluetooth speakers or home theater. 
  6. When you come on the Skype call make sure everything is ready: i.e. your music system is set up and the sound files are ready for use. Also, ensure your email is connected for easy delivery of additional working files to your inbox during the session. During the call, in addition to playing single-note-cues on the piano, I'll be recording a series of short piano scales which I will deliver in Skype chat window.
  7. Finding it hard to figure this out? Don't worry, we can do a trial run session.

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