Saturday, September 12, 2020

Learn to Sing via Correspondence, with Modules Customized to YOU

If you have ever wondered what other affordable options there are out there for you to get to learn to sing with the supervision of a professional voice coach (to at least help you find your feet at the beginning of your journey), then you will find that my all new and exciting Learn to Sing via Correspondence Course to be one of the most liberating experiences for aspiring singers on the internet today. 

When it comes to voice training the standard practice is to hire a voice coach; or to purchase downloadable voice training mp3 products with accompanying tutorial books. However, with the correspondence course I have  just created, you're looking at a completely different twist to the standard format.

This article will aim to show you how the system works, and how you stand to tremendously benefit when you sign up.

For those of you who've been following my blog posts, you’ll have noticed that I have created many voice training products over the years. However, this particular product will be my very last. So be sure to take advantage of this very unique opportunity. 

What makes this voice training product completely different from all of my other products is that, after piloting this idea for quite a while, I have created something that delivers a digital product, and better yet, it includes my personal involvement to guide you and to assess your work over a four-module installment package.

So, in essence, you’re getting downloadable vocal exercises customized to YOU, taking into consideration your gender, vocal range; as well as all of the annoying vocal issues that you in particular are going through and desparately want resolved.

The following is an outline of what you will receive with the program. 


How to master the Breathing Exercise (Includes video call).


I will deliver four standard prerecorded vocal workouts which you must do whilst recording yourself and send in for assessment. (Video call is optional).


Based on my assessment of your vocal performance in Module 2, I will create a 10 to 15 minute vocal workout specifically customized to YOU.

You must send in your work for assessment in order to receive the next installment. 


Based on my assessment of your vocal performance in Module 3, I will create a more advanced 10 to 15 minute vocal workout specifically customized to YOU. 

You must send in your work for final assessment!

So there you have it! 

Want to Get Started? 

Get in touch with me asap, my contact information is in the Learn to Sing via Correspondence ad banner above. 

This comprehensive package can be yours today for ONLY $48. 

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!

JOETT - Voice Coach & Author 

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