Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Emerging Nigerian artist Tam Ben drops explosive Electric Vibe

I’ve followed Tam Ben’s career ever since he reached out to me via WhatsApp a few years ago. What is really amazing about this Nigerian artist is that he makes great music and is particularly good at networking his products online, in such a pleasant and respectful way. Unlike some people we know, he is very polite and doesn’t push his product upon you. He’s extremely courteous.

In terms of his music, Electric Vibe is blazing hot. It’s so more-ish. He’s run the track for under 3 minutes, and that in itself will have you begging for more. How ingenious! When I first took a listen I was like, hey, why has it STOPPED? I had to replay. 

Tam Ben held 7th place in the Summer 2020 Edition of the Djooky Music Awards and was featured in an article by Lucy Ilado in Music In Africa Magazine.

You’ll find Tam Ben on Instagram @tambensings

Now without further ado, please have a listen to Electric Vibe from Tam Ben (below).

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