Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Question of Breathing: How to Synch that to Singing

If you’re experiencing difficulty in synchronizing your breathing to your singing, then you will likely be running short of breath when you sing and delivering a considerable number of flat notes in the process, not to mention, hurting your throat as well… due to insufficient air to keep your vocal afloat. Let’s look at it this way. When you go about your day doing other things and perhaps even talking to people, do you ever need to THINK of the breathing process? I’m sure you don’t. Because your system does it itself!  Why then should you have to struggle to breath to sing? This article will aim to help you understand better, how to allow your body to do what it has to do to supply your vocal chords with just the right amount of air to enable you to sing better, with no impediments whatsoever.

The more you struggle to breathe when you sing, the more you’ll want to give up on singing altogether. And that’s because it becomes a hassle for you. But don’t you give up just yet. I’m going to show you a couple of very simple steps to help you get into the rhythm of breathing to sing. Yes, there is a rhythmic pattern to synch in your breathing to the beat. You’re going to be amazed to discover just how simple and effective it is for you.

Some experts say that until you learn to visualize your notes, you’ll always struggle to get in synch with breathing. So, first try to visualize your lyrics in an assembly line divided up into breathing slots. Print out your lyrics and mark the breathing segments with a red pen (it stands out better). The idea is, when you sing your song, wherever you see the red pen you breathe. But before you do, let me show you how to get into the rhythm of breathing to sing.

Clap your hands repeatedly at a reasonable pace, breathing in to the count of four and immediately blowing out the breath to the count of four; and then repeating that again without stopping. Do this several times. Once you’re in the rhythm, pick up the lyrics and sing. By now you will have noticed how much easier it is to breathe in synch with the song and the rhythm. If you’ve struggled with breathing when you sing and really want to get your breathing in order, then this will be exactly what you need to do to fix the problem.

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