Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Selling On the Phone? The Secret to Delivering a Killer Sales Pitch

If you employ salespersons whom you want to sell your goods and services over the phone—or to simply make the appointments with your prospects so you can meet them to pitch your business, then you’ll be surprised to discover that it isn’t as simple as it may seem. Quite a bit of potential trade could be slipping through your fingers with that first clumsy call.

Now imagine how many more deals or appointments you’ll likely clinch with the perfect sales pitch, delivered in such a way that you get more YES responses? This article will aim to talk you through the process of refining your voice and sales script for better results.

I’ve received the nonstarter type phone call many a time, and I’m sure at some point, so have you. Not only do some of those calls sound sloppy, oftentimes the caller’s voice doesn’t sound like what you’d want to listen to for any length of time. Can you relate to this?

Well, let’s see how you can reinvent your sales script and most importantly, how you can rebalance your voice to give it the edge that sells.

A good telephone script needs to contain the following very simple ingredients. You’ll first and foremost need to work a standard greeting into your script. Now, how that is delivered will either get you through or have you bumped off the call. So make sure you breathe; stay calm; and deliver your greeting with better control. Your next step is to make sure you are speaking to the right person, OR getting connected to the person you want to speak with. Getting through the gatekeepers can be a little hectic, but if you play your cards right, they’ll let you through. The next thing I want to discuss is your telephone script.

Do away with the fluff. Most people are too busy to listen to a long meandering sales pitch. It could’ve worked in yesteryear, but this day and age I’d be hard pressed to find someone who will be so accommodating of your ‘intrusion’ into their busy day. So, scaling down your script to focus only on the most important elements of your call; what you have to offer; and HOW that can benefit their business, will suffice. And then you drop your ‘call for action’ at the tail end of your script, and that should generate back a yes or a no answer.

However, no-matter how good your script is, your voice is another matter that needs addressing. When you sound great over the phone, you basically quadruple your chances of selling over the phone. So let’s take a look at what you can do to rebalance your voice for bigger results.

As a vocal coach, I would advise that you do specific vocal exercises to help rebalance your voice, so that you sound clearer, more powerful and more articulate when you speak. Training the corporate voice to function as it should, can take as little as 20 minutes a day and you’re pretty much done. With the help of a tutor or prerecorded tape tailored to you, you’ll need to do the scales on piano to rebalance your voice. That is the secret to delivering a killer sales pitch.

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