Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to quickly Mend the Bridges in Your Vocal Range

If your voice tends to crack in places within your range, then you’ve got some bridges to mend. And there is no single way to fix this, I find. With some people it happens naturally as they do the scales. No discussion. But with the not-so-talented, as it were, it isn’t all that simple. It takes some work to get their vocals where they should be. In this article I want to offer a couple of tips on how to mend the bridges in your range.

Singing is great fun, but to sing like a pro takes a bit of work. The reason we go through vocal training is to ensure the voice gets to where it should be—and that’s a well connected tone throughout your range with no cracks and breaks along the way. Most speech level singing vocal workouts, done in varying directions, will correct and rebalance your voice quite nicely. However, there are some vocal workouts that work better than others. And so I want to show you a less traditional vocal exercise that will likely streamline your vocal to navigate your entire range as you scale, without the cracks, breaks and recruiting (pulling up the chest voice), but using the heavier side of the pitch effortlessly.

If you’ve been reading my articles, listening to my tapes and watching my videos, you will have come across the lip rolls, tongue trills and humming… which are the easiest ways to train the voice on the scales. However, believe it or not, not everybody can do these correctly. And so if you’re aiming to mend bridges with the aforementioned, you may well be falling flat on your notes. But there is another way. So let’s take a look.

Try doing some scales with a simple “zzzz”. I know, it sounds a little radical but trust me, it works. So run your scales with “zzzz” but ensuring that you are completely relaxed. Focus more on scaling the notes in key rather than the volume… because your volume will sound lower than normal. So don’t even think about that because it is not important. Only make sure you’re in key and that you remain relaxed the higher you go. When you get a little more proficient with this, try throwing in a vowel, so that now you’re going “zee” all the way up and down the scales. Now, if you’re doing this correctly, you’ll find that your bridges are mending and that you’re breaking through the barriers that previously prevented you from singing with a more balanced and connected tone.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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