Monday, December 12, 2016

Beyoncé: A Quick Glimpse into Her Astounding Vocal Range

Described as a vocal acrobat for being able to sing in key, long and complex melismas and vocal runs effortlessly, Beyoncé’s range is F#2 - G#5 - F6 (D7), and her vocal type is Coloratura Mezzo-Soprano (4 Octaves).

She delivers excellent trills that are achieved with no breaks. Her breath control allows her to dance while singing without sounding tired. Her grunts and growls are achieved without damaging technique. Beyoncé is no doubt, a great staccato singer.

She can hold notes of up to 14 seconds for extended periods with or without vibrato, and without wavering in pitch. The vibrato is well controlled, and gives the 3rd lung illusion. Her dynamic control is excellent and her crescendos are perfect. They don't get loud too fast or too slow.

Beyoncé is also able to flip through each register effortlessly, and maintains agility to every note. Her lower notes are slightly smokey, and extend well into the 2nd octave. Her belts are well supported, mixable, and maintain a bright and powerful ring up to Eb5. The head voice is thick and operatic.

And now looking at the negatives—according to some critics of music, Beyoncé’s upper belts can be perceived as shouting, and can also sound shrill without vibrato in early years. The voice loses some clarity in lower notes in live settings, while Beyoncé has become reliant on growling her upper belts recently. Her lack of unique tone leads some to brand her as "boring," though this characteristic is subjective. Recommended Listening: I Care, Halo, Dangerously in Love.

I hope you enjoyed this interesting piece on Beyoncé’s ASTOUNDING  vocal range.

JOETT -- Author: "Letters from a Vocal Coach"

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