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4 Easy Vocal Training Volumes to Download from for Quick and Effective Vocal Rebalancing & Conditioning Exercises

After piloting on WhatsApp and publishing helpful articles on my blog; and sharing audio training exercises uploaded to my Hulkshare page for about a year or so, I was able to gauge the amount of interest that this e-Learning concept was generating not only in Tanzania but also across Africa.

And so I made a decision to get in on it with everything I’ve got, by creating a high quality product in Kiswahili that can be downloaded from high-traffic music platform Note: to view Mkito in English, please select English located Top Right on site. 

In this article I shall talk you through Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4… the preparatory phase of this e-Learning vocal training product.

I have created brand new training programs, tailored specifically to learning online, by the way in which I’ve set-up the scales to rebalance and address vocal issues across the board. We’ve been rolling out one volume every fortnight, so to speak, in order to ease people into the program in a more step-by-step fashion. So basically, this training program kicks off with the Breathing Exercise; and onto Volume 1, 2, 3 and ultimately Volume 4 is to be released in the New Year. The purpose of these 4 programs, which run from between 5 and 10 minutes each, is to rebalance and to condition your voice with the lip rolls, tongue trills and some consonant and vowel combinations in straight nonstop sets.

The simplicity of it is what really makes this course unprecedented, in that every vocal workout I have created rebalances your lower register before taking you up. There’s something quite ingenious about this training method, in that it eases you into the correct speech level posture and then helps you maintain that into your higher register. You’ll soon realize the benefits when you get on the program. Click here to get started!

If you aspire for success with vocal training, you’ll want to have a regular training schedule of at least 3 sessions per week. And it isn’t a tall order at all. Why? Because when you run the 4 volumes through (including the breathing), you’ll clock around 30 minutes of training. Anybody, no-matter how lazy or despondent they are, can manage that.

Now, here’s what to expect in Vol. 5, 6 & 7 

To help you apply your training to actually singing those beautiful songs, you’ll be given segments of the brand new acoustic version of my 2012 70s disco single Color Me Beautiful, and you will learn to sing it to my acoustic guitar backing tracks segment by segment; and eventually—in Vol. 7, you’ll have the entire song and acoustic backing track to sing to.

Download with Swahili instruction: Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4.

NOTE: My instruction voice overs run for just a couple of minutes in Kiswahili, however, the exercises are universal. That being said, for those of you that don't speak the language, what I say on tape is simply to introduce the training volume and to give a demonstration on how to do the lip rolls and tongue trills (easy to figure out). I also advise you to train at least 3 times a week, beginning with the breathing and onto the scales volume by volume in that particular order. The rest of the tapes contain the exercises. Listen to the examples and run with it!

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