Saturday, November 26, 2016

Understand the Importance of Focusing Your Tone

Singing is SO much fun. I’ve seen the joy that it brings to people. When their faces light up! Electrified and overwhelmed with joy when they’re hitting those notes nice and clean. It makes me feel like a miracle worker of sorts. Bringing so much joy to so many people couldn’t be more rewarding than this. What I want to talk about today is the importance of focusing your tone. You see, at the end of the day you’re going to be singing songs, and every word you project out of your mouth needs focus. So here’s your ‘quick tips’ article on how to maintain focus in tone production.

I love using the narrow vowels in training. They help focus the voice. Something like UIU is particularly good for narrowing down that focus to precisely what you want—focus. And a quick three tone scale is definitely one of the best for maintaining that tightness and focus as you scale your notes, however, with practice you can achieve the same results with longer five and even seven tone scales. Let’s take a look at the progression into more open type vowels and how best you can handle, or trick yourself into handling such vowels.

I love the open EEE vowel. When you’ve mastered the narrower vowels as above, it is quite easy to still maintain that focus with a more open vowel such as this without splatting—or losing focus. The key thing is to learn to discover your own anatomy a bit more. When in training, you should experiment by making slight adjustments. You’ll learn to fine tune that focus that keeps your voice spinning in top form and articulating each note to calculated precision. Running with an EEE whilst allowing the right amount of space in your mouth to do that can go a really long way towards sharpening your focus. The same applies with an open vowel like AAA.  Now here’s the thing. If this transition isn’t working, then the best way is to apply the narrower vowel up the scale, and then switch to a wider vowel on the way down. You’ll be amazed how easy and fluid this is, and how it helps you hold the note in on the wider vowels.

So, whatever you do, work your way into the broader vowels by first sharpening the projection of your narrower vowel. You’ll be glad you did as you begin to discover your voice and what you can do with it a bit more. I have created a special four-volume training module that is now available on This brand new program will set the tone for focusing your notes as explained in this article.

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