Sunday, November 22, 2015

Top 3 Vocal Training Insider Tips to Quadruple Results

If you have ever had the desire to quadruple your vocal training results, then I’m sure you will want to know what insider secrets there are that will quickly shorten the learning curve for you. The more you get to understand your own vocal ability in training and what you can and can’t do, the more you’ll want to discover the secret to getting the best results possible in training. So let’s take a closer look at the 3 most common shortcomings in vocal training, in order to find a quick and simple solution to your problem.

The three most basic must-do-vocal-exercises ideal for developing a connected tone are the lip roll (which I like to call the lip bubble); the tongue trill and the hum.  However, you’re going to be surprised to find how many people are unable to do these exercises. And I’m going to be very honest with you. Being unable to perform any of the above exercises puts you in a position where you don’t get to develop the desired connectivity. I’ll give you one quick example. When the above exercises aren’t working for you, like you cannot maintain the bubble or the trill, and your tone is rather withheld with the hum, then chances are you’ll find it very difficult to maintain a connected tone when doing your scales with vowels or when singing a song. Some people say that a connected tone will develop over time, but in all honesty, until you’re able to evenly connect your tone in training, the prospect of that happening would be farfetched at best. So let’s take a look at the three alternative workouts to the above, that almost anybody can do.

Depending on what scales you’re doing, you can quite easily replace the lip rolls with WEE (as in half the word WIN); the tongue trills with the consonant “N” (as your tongue is in the same position as when you run your trills with R). And to replace the withheld tone on your hum, switch that to a ZZZ. There is absolutely no way anybody can withhold their tone with ZZZ. After trying any of the above alternatives, I’m sure you’ll notice a world of difference in your tone production. If you’re the kind of person that wants to learn to sing with a well connected tone, then this will be exactly what you’ll want to do. My affordable, all new and exciting private lessons Quick Start Program helps you get started with reprogramming your neuromuscular system to eliminate all of the obstacles that come in the way of your singing. To take advantage of my current End-Of-Year Sale (closes December 31st).

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