Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vocal Coaching End Of Year SALE Starts November 5th 2015

The reason I’m writing this post is because 2015 has been an amazing year for me. Kicking off with me on the judge panel of pan African singing contest Airtel Trace Music Stars and Tanzania winning the competition with Mayunga; to new training module introductions to my vocal coaching programs throughout the year, I feel truly blessed. And so to celebrate, I’ve not only added a couple more programs in addition to my standard 10-hour programs, I am also offering an end-of-year SALE to boot VALID from November 5th till December 31st 2015. And here’s how it works: | OFA YA KUJIFUNZA KUIMBA. Jifunze Kuimba na Joett inawaletea OFA ya punguzo la ada kwa kufunga mwaka kuanzia tarehe 5 Novemba hadi tarehe 31 Dec 2015. Fuata maelekezo yafuatayo:

SPEECH LEVEL SINGING 10-Hour program on my SPECIAL end-of-year sale is selling for $150 (Shs 310,000) [normally $200]. Sale ends December 31st 2015. | Programu ya masaa 10 kwa $150 (Shs 310,000) {Kwa kawaida $200).

I recently introduced the Quick Start 3-Hour program, which gives you all the basics in just three hours, and now goes on sale for $45 (Shs 90,000) [normally $60]. Sale ends December 31st 2015. | Programu ya masaa 3 kwa $45 (Shs 90,000) {Kwa kawaida $60).

And the EXTRA SPECIAL highlight for this month is the ALL NEW 1-Hour program for Shs 30,000. What this entails is a once off one-hour private vocal training session in my studio, with free vocal training CD and instructions on how to learn from home. I also offer FREE support on WhatsApp to help you make the most of your training. | Kwa mafunzo studio kwa lisaa limoja tu Shs 30,000 pamoja na CD yakujifunzia nyumbani BURE na msaada zaidi (bure) kupitia WhatsApp.


See above fliers for program details and get in touch with me with your preferred option to make an appointment. | Kupangiwa ratiba, anaglia maelekezo kwenye vipeperushi hapo juu, alafu wasiliana na mimi.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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