Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Singing in the Mask: Some Recommended Old School Exercises from Italian Teachers

If you have wondered what singing in the mask was all about, then this article will show you some recommended old school Italian singing exercises to help you experience the "mask." The more you do these vocal exercises, the more you’ll discover your true voice and the power that only singing in the mask can give you. So how then are you meant to feel when doing these vocal exercises? Let’s take a closer look.

Try singing in a comfortable tone with the "m", "n", "v" sound. But the key is to feel the vibration in the nasal bridge, on your lips, your upper teeth and most importantly, your throat should feel free and open. If, however, the tongue is tense or raised, then these feelings cannot be experienced. The best way to get accustomed to doing this correctly is to do this exercise with an open mouth, with an "n-sound" and then with a closed "m-sound."

These exercises will help to get rid of the guttural sound, and the best way to achieve this is with the "n-sound" and the "m-sound." You’re going to be amazed to discover just how powerful this little old school singing exercise is for you. If you stick this into your vocal training regime, and you do it regularly, you will quickly notice a significant improvement in sensations experienced when singing in the mask.

And when you combine the "m-sound" with vowels in your exercises, they’ll help to project the sound forward. Make sure you’re pronouncing syllables ma, mi, mo, mu, whilst concentrating on the sound "m" in the mask. You should feel a slight tickle in the upper lip, and in the root zone of the upper teeth. When you open out to the vowel sound, make sure you do this without changing the sensations and sound-direction, and that that remains consistent. And one more thing: There mustn’t be any strain or stress caused to your throat. If you’re the kind of person that wants to experience the full potential of singing in the mask, then your vowel sound must sound easy.

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