Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Do You Want Your High Notes Solid and Easy? Here's How to Nail It!

If you’re struggling with the high notes, in that they’re weak and you’re not actually hitting the highs and clean lows like you should, then I want to quickly help you find the path to solid and easy high notes. As I was mentioning to a pupil a little earlier, that when it comes to vocal training, sometimes it takes a while for the penny to drop. In other words, for pupils to GET what this is all about. But once you’re in the picture, it’s dead easy to follow the plan that brings about the results that you want.

The vocal training approach that develops your chest to head voice connection into solid notes wherever you are in your range, is speech level singing technique.

But there’s a bit of a misconception with this at times, and a lot of errors committed during unsupervised training that if they go unchecked, will likely do you more harm than good. Especially when you don’t actually understand what it is you should be experiencing while you train, so that you are in perfect alignment to build your range in both directions.

There is no point in doing the exercises blindly and incorrectly. When you know something isn’t right, stop and try again.

But here’s the main thing: always aim for good form in training—and most importantly, you must allow the voice to travel. It has a path, just release your tone and hold nothing back. And don’t try to manipulate the sound in any way… because it will invite for the participation of your outer larynx muscles, thereby bringing about the vocal strain and lack of range you don’t want.

So, if you truly desire a bigger and better voice, with all of those high and solid notes made easy… so the listener and yourself get to enjoy your singing, focus on getting your training right. For recommended vocal training MP3 downloads, be sure to read my Vocal Training Product Review for Home Learning.

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