Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Skope Magazine to Feature "Got U On My Mind" by Joett

My 2015 penned song Got U On My Mind (Acoustic version) has been selected to be featured on Skope Magazine and radio, a music site with over two million readers seeking hot new music and videos to feature. All selected songs and videos are featured for one month and are viewed by millions of music lovers from all over the world.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, USA and with readers and staff from all over the globe, was launched in April, 2001 to expose great music, videos, time-sensitive articles, contests, news, artist biographies, event calendars, and sound clips. As the magazine grew, there was such interest from both indies and major labels that the staff was able to cover both levels across various genres.

In the beginning it was never considered that the industry would embrace Skope in the manner that it did, but Skope benefited from having major label artists next to indie bands and the result was a tremendous readership that still thrives until today.

This is a great opportunity for the acoustic version of my song Got U On My Mind to get exposed to a massive global readership. I am thrilled and grateful to Music Clout, with whom I host my entire song catalog, for connecting me to Skope Magazine. Always plugging my song catalog to record labels and music publishers for placement, I feel tremendously blessed that this is yet another milestone in my musical journey as a songwriter and composer.

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