Friday, September 16, 2016

Vocal Training: How to Get Through the Bad Days

I bet you didn’t see this coming. Yes, there are the good and the bad days with vocal training. It isn’t always smooth sailing. When you’re not feeling up to it, your performance will drop and you’ll probably feel like quitting. But before you decide to throw in the towel on a bad day, here are a couple of handy tips to help you stay on track.

Some days your vocal will be so spot on and hitting all the notes nice and easy, and on such days you’ll actually feel a sensation whilst training that almost feels so unique, it’s like you’re discovering segments of your voice you didn’t quite know existed. Well, that’s your good day in training, as it were, when you actually want to keep going because it feels SO good. But what about the bad days, when you feel some tension coming on around the throat—which is SO not done—and you’re not hitting the notes like you would on a good vocal training day? Let’s see how best you can stay motivated.

By and large, a vocal training session would ideally last an hour. But I personally like to do my own sessions (yes, I do train every day) in 22 minutes flat. And I have a special reason for this. My own vocal training sessions are rather intense and cover an array of vocal workouts in a very short space of time, because when I’m training others, for the most part, I would be vocalizing anyway. So for me, having to allot a full hour to my own session would be quite literally, overkill. And thanks to my shortened vocal training workout time, I do look forward to my own sessions because I know it’ll all be over in 22 minutes… and surely, I am able to spare that amount of time for training. No quibble.
And here’s how my personal experience sets precedence in motivating you to keep training, even on a bad day.

If you’re training in my studio on a bad day, I have ways to keep you on track for the full hour. Hence, the following tip is specifically aimed at those vocal training from home. You may have numerous vocal workout tapes already, some lasting an hour or more shall we say. My advice is you find the exercises you normally enjoy doing and only do those. Plan to shorten your training time to do as little as possible, but try not to train for under 15 minutes. That’s all there is to it. A sure fire way to get you through vocal training on a bad day. I suppose what’s most important is that you do not give in to those bad days. The more you skip training, the more you’ll tend to continue putting off your training for another day. It’s human nature. So stay focused, and don’t let the bad days derail your vocal training schedule.

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