Monday, October 6, 2014

Joett's Featured Bongo Flava Artist In Brand New Single Dies

I was SHOCKED to hear of his death this morning. According to his family he was very ill and had been hospitalized. Earlier, he'd been diagnosed with Leukemie by the Mwananyamala Hospital, but later, at a different hospital prior to his death, that diagnosis had not been confirmed. This is very tragic and devastating, to say the least.

I discovered G Fullah on ITV's Hawavumi Lakini Wamo last year and he immediately inspired me to form a boyband. And so I rang ITV to ask them to connect me with him. Fullah came to my studio, and I began to vocal coach him while I talent searched for other boys to join the band which I went on to name 3G. Mrembo Wa Kiafrika, which was penned by Fullah and rearranged by myself, was the first recording for the boys--now three: Frankie G, Ozbitala and G Fullah. We completed the acoustic recording and the plan was to have a more commercial version to put out to market. And so a couple of months ago I put the track online just as a feeler, to see how people would respond to it. And then I decided I was going to ask Lamar to remix the track into the currently popular mchiriku style (I haven't asked him yet, but I got my London producer to send me the vocal stems and I was just about to give them to Lamar).

In the meantime, a sped-up version of his rap section in Mrembo Wa Kiafrika, created by my London producer Patrick Jonsson and later mixed and mastered by King Penn in Atlanta, USA., landed on my latest single I'm Gonna Live Forever due out October 13th, in which Fullah is now a featured artist. This was to be his launch pad. I wanted to give him this platform, along with another boyband I'd formed and named Level One. I had plans for G Fullah. And I had a feeling this was going to make him a HUGE star. But, my gosh. He's gone too soon! I remember when I contacted him on September 14th to inform him that he was on my single, he was so very excited. We planned to meet the following week, but somehow I got tangled up with a heavy schedule. I SMSed him September 27th, and didn't get a reply. Tried again October 1st, and didn't get a reply. And so I tried calling but never got through.

I was with my video director Meja last night discussing plans for the video, when I mentioned that Fullah had somehow vanished and that I was very worried about him. This morning, the news of his death hits me like a bullet. I'm lost for words. Where do we go from here?

First of all, I have decided that I will be dedicating the video to G Fullah. I've already discussed that with my director. We both agree it is the right thing to do.

It's been a long day. I've shed a lot of tears. The funeral is tomorrow. I'm closing down my studio tomorrow and I will be heading out to his family home in Mbezi Beach. Fullah was such a nice, gentle and kind human being. Very patient, and always considerate of others. I wonderful soul. May the good Lord rest his soul in eternal peace. Amen.

Listen On Jango Radio I'm Gonna Live Forever by Joett ft. G Fullah & Level One
Download Mrembo Wa Kiafrika by 3G


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