Saturday, March 27, 2021

Djooky Spring 2021 - Winner Has Option to take $20,000 in CASH

Gina Brooklyn, the first winner of the Djooky Music Awards, has made it to LA, where she is to record her new song at LA Capitol Studios with an all-star technical team led by Brian Malouf, the Multi-Platinum US Producer.

As part of her trip, Gina already took part in 2 co-writing sessions, has written 6 new songs, and has had 3 coaching sessions with the world's best experts.

Gina commented: “I am so incredibly grateful for the Djooky team & what they’ve done for me thus far. This trip has been so much fun and so productive, and I’m so excited for what’s to come!”


In The Djooky Music Awards - Spring 2021 season, the winner’s cash prize will increase two-fold to $20,000. The Winner will be presented with two options: either to record a song with an all-star team at LA’s Capitol Studios OR receive $20,000 cash. 

The dream trip to LA’s iconic recording studio also comes with a money-cannot-buy opportunity to attend coaching sessions with the best music experts globally.

One of the experts they get to work with is Brian Malouf, a multi-Platinum LA-based producer, and Djooky Co-Founder.

The second and third place prizes remain the same. Artists are to receive $5,000 and $2,000 to upgrade their music equipment. Alongside the main winners, every season there are also 12 Genre winners, who each receive a $1,000 prize to further their music careers.

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