Friday, April 30, 2021

Djooky Africa - Experience the Power of Messaging Groups in Pushing Your Music On WhatsApp & Telegram

What you are about to read is a Djooky Music Awards Africa newsletter that goes out to thousands of subscribers across the African continent, courtesy of Nam Radio's Talent Showcase Africa.

A lot is happening on the Djooky platform at the moment, what with the Spring Season about to kickoff on May 16, and African artists doing SO WELL on the Djooky Weekly Music Charts these past couple of months. We’re SO proud of you.

For those of you who’ve taken time out to join our Djooky Africa WhatsApp Group, I thank you for joining our community and hope you’re enjoying your membership. 

Did you know Telegram takes 200K members per GROUP?

I’ve just published a special blog post that talks about our new messaging groups, so please pop over to our Talent Showcase Africa Tumblr page to read up on the Djooky Africa Messaging Groups on WhatsApp & Telegram.

And if you are an artist reading this article, there’s also a specific blog post you ought to share with fans, and this reiterates our resolve to building a HUGE database of music lovers to support and vote for your music. 

So, here's what you can do: Help us spread the word to your fan base by sharing Love African Music? Discover NEW Music & Support AFRICAN Artists on Telegram.  

Until the next edition of our regular newsletter, stay safe, and we wish you all the very best in the DMAs Spring Season.

Share this link with your fans so they can help you win:  

With best wishes,

Djooky Africa Team @

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