Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Simplest Ever, Steps to Placing Your Tone in the Mask

If you’ve been reading my articles or perhaps you’ve read my book, you will by now be familiar with what singing in the mask is all about.

This short article will offer tips on why a resonant voice is so important for singers, and it begins with the art of placing your tone in the mask in voice training so that it resonates; extends your vocal range; and adds timbre and color to your tone.

And you’re going to be surprised to discover just how easy it is to develop a beautifully unique tonee, because already, you ARE unique—well, everybody’s voice is unique because our skulls are all unique… even in the case of identical twins, there is always a slight difference in the shape and size of the skull.

Why is the skull significant? 

Because the voice resonates in the head and this is what creates a sound that is especially unique to every individual on the planet. To properly harness and develop this unique sound as a singer, the way to go about it is to master Speech Level Singing Technique.

There’s nothing complicated about this. It is just a combination of vocal exercises that will help to connect your bottom, middle and upper harmonic qualities in order to develop one strong and dynamic voice. I think that is the simplest way of putting this.

Special Vocal Exercises

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