Monday, February 26, 2018

Are You Pushing Your High Notes through Your Nose? Here's How to Spot and Correct Off-Track Vocal Trajectory

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I was watching a video clip of someone on Instagram. The voice sounded alright, but when they pushed the higher notes into the nasal cavity I thought, oops! What’s going on there?

The thing is, if your voice as you ascend into your higher register begins to change trajectory and heads towards your nasal cavity, then there is a problem. Because now you will be trying to take it up via the nose—and hence your tone will be, well—nasal.

Here’s how to ensure that you vocal-train correctly to cancel out the tendency to push your voice into your nose. On the three-tone piano scales which come with my book 101 letters from a Vocal Coach, I’m going to suggest you close your mouth, grit your teeth and simply hum your scales. Another really good alternative is to grit your teeth, part your lips to produce a pharyngeal 'NG' sound through your scales.

In both vocal exercise alternatives you'll feel a sensation in front of your face and the tone will sort of begin to push into your head rather than up your nose. It is an incredibly powerful sensation and it will correct your vocal posture.

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