Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to Turn Your Head into a Sound Box that Effortlessly Amplifies the Sound of Your Voice

Enhancing the sensation of vibration in your face is one of the most important skills a singer can learn.

When you’re feeling the vibrations in the bones of your face, then you are certainly using your voice in an effective way that creates a louder sound with very little effort, and needless to say, with less risk of damage to your vocal folds. It is a rather clever way to turn the energy of your breath into sound energy with minimal muscle effort, which when done correctly should turn your head into a sound box that amplifies the sound of your vocal folds.

The key thing is to get as much sensation in the face as possible. You might even call it nasal, but it isn’t really. It’s more an edge sound. But what is so special about this sound is it gives you so much freedom to navigate your entire range without any effort at all. The “ng” sound you’ll make in voice training will generate a lot of sensation in the bones and tissues of the face.

Chances are you’ll also feel vibrations where the back of your tongue meets your soft palate. Perhaps you will also feel vibration in the bones of your face and in your hard palate. And when you try the other two nasal consonants, "m" and "n" you’ll likely feel the vibration in different places.

When you compare the three sounds, you should notice the differences in sound from each place of contact. I hope this article has helped you find the quickest way to effortlessly amplifying your sound.

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