Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to Get Skype Voice Lessons Customized to You by JOETT

I am particularly excited about working with pupils abroad using the simplest of tools—Skype. But what’s even more exciting is that somewhere along the line, I have come to refine the service to create a more customized system that works for you as an individual.

Let me show you a couple of examples of how it can work for you too.

Yes, there is a slight delay on Skype—actually, the same applies over a regular phone line, but you’ll only notice the delay when you have to play the piano and have someone the other end of the line doing the scales; OR singing for that matter. But there is a way around that. And here’s how:

First, as my pupil, I'll want to get to know your voice. Which will help me figure out how to customize my vocal training programs to suit you. What I then do is I prerecord the exercises we’re going to do in the session over Skype, and then I mail that over to you in advance.

NEXT: You will play the prerecorded piano scales on a sound system your end, and you'll do the scales while I listen. If there’s anything I want to say to you during your exercises, I will not interrupt you by speaking to you, but instead, I will type a message into the Skype chat window. So it is important you keep an eye on your screen. If something isn’t working, I’ll change the scales. It’s that simple!

South African singer Serati voice training with JOETT

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