Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Overcome Stage Fright in 3 Simple Steps

Whilst chatting with a pupil in my studio the other day, the subject of stage fright came up. Now, this is a common problem with performers--the nerves. And I don’t think there’s getting used to this. But I suppose everyone learns to cope. What we don’t want, however, are your nerves getting in the way of your performance.

Here’s a 3-step plan to beating the onset of stage freight.

You may have heard this one before: try to imagine everyone in front of you as being stark bollock naked. Lol, this one is hilarious. But if you can get in character you may well pull it off. Looking above their faces and not into their eyes has worked for me a million and one times—no, they won’t know you’re not looking at them. It’s that good. My all-time favorite, I suppose, is mentally transporting yourself back to where you do your rehearsals. Chances are that is the place you’re most confident and free of the jittery nerves, as it were. If you can stay in that frame of mind, you’ll be safe.

I hope these 3 simple tips to overcoming stage fright will help steady your nerves. So, as they say in show business, go break a leg!

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