Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Open Day with Joett: How to Get FREE 30 Minute Voice Assessments

I have been running free voice assessments all along, but I think this time around I’ve gotten just a little louder about it... of sorts, what with Instagram configured artwork in a variety of shades created especially.

But here’s what the free voice assessments are all about.

The reason for the assessments from the get-go was to get to assess new pupils before I accept them for my vocal training course.

I basically wanted to hear the voice; run them through a breathing exercise; and then some scales on piano to establish whether or not they're able to work with music. (In all honesty, I wouldn’t want to admit someone who is tone deaf... for example).


If they qualified, I would pencil them into my weekly vocal training schedule. That is primarily the purpose of this exercise.

However, since creating and availing my training programs for download on Mkito, pupils all around the country now have access to my training modules and from time to time would request for in-studio vocal training sessions with me. Well, here’s where, again, the free assessments come in to play. But with a slight twist this time around, as this tends to attract mainly, pupils who have already downloaded my vocal training programs, but want a one-on-one consultation nonetheless, just to be sure of what they’re doing... which can be done over the phone or by sending me voice notes via WhatsApp.

If you’re in the latter group, my recommendation is that at the very least, you take my Quick Start 3 Hour Course (TZS 90,000) so that you get to LEARN something. And I will give you a recording of your sessions with me (the good runs), so you can continue to practice at home. It’s a very small investment to a comprehensive long-term home learning program thereafter. Think about it!

I hope you've enjoyed this post today, and I thank you for visiting.

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