Saturday, April 1, 2017

Singing Lessons: Understand the Importance of Reading and Listening to Recorded Instruction for Home Learning

When you’re vocal training from home, with the help of written text and prerecorded messages and exercises, you are basically long-distance-learning your way to a better singing voice. However, that being said, because you’ll have no supervision by a professional vocal coach, it is imperative that you follow instruction to the letter. This article aims to give you a better perspective on how to get yourself adequately organized to learn from home.

The reason I want to bring up this topic today is because I have noticed, sadly, that some online learners simply want to get on with it and don’t bother to read nor listen to prerecorded instruction; in the case of the latter—with my online training modules—it’s the first thing you hear before you even begin the exercises. So imagine hearing recorded instruction every single time you run the tape to train, and not paying any attention whatsoever to what’s being advised on tape. Well, it does have its detrimental consequences—which would include damaging the very instrument you’re training: your voice!

Here’s what I would recommend you do: Listen to instruction on tape and read up whatever information is thrown at you. I know it has become somewhat of a video generation of sorts nowadays, but when you settle down to read written text and listen to audio instruction on the vocal training product you’re working with, you will discover soon enough that it is exactly what you need to get ahead as a singer.

Remember, you don’t have a tutor in session with you. You are relying entirely on written and prerecorded information. So, take a deep breath, and settle yourself down to get to know what is required of you as a pupil. You’ll save a lot of time and guesswork in the long run.

In the case of my downloadable Joett Vocal Drills available on, on every tape from Volume 1 to 4, I point you to my blog to fetch more information on how to train efficiently. It will help shorten your learning curve.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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