Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Quick Tip to Help Focus the Voice with Your Tongue Trills

If you’re having a bit of trouble focusing your tongue trills (I know trills can be a bit of twister at times), there is something very subtle and easy you can do to tweak that… by adding a little timbre to your notes as you practice with the trills.

The thing is, if your trills aren’t focused enough when you’re doing your vocal training, it will affect your progress.

This article will explore a little-known technique that is quite phenomenal in every sense of the word. So let’s take a closer look. First you have the standard tongue trills that may sound all too familiar now, but what is probably missing is that little extra timbre that makes all the difference and helps focus your voice when doing the trills even more.

Here’s the simple analogy, to begin with. When you are doing the trills (RRR) your tongue is lightly placed at the roof of your mouth in order to produce that sound. However, how refined that focus is will vary from person to person. That being said, there is a way to rapidly improve your focus. And here’s how.

When doing your vocal training exercises, begin your trill with an N, which means your tongue is placed at the roof of the mouth, but swiftly add a D to it so that you are producing an NND (notice how you extend that N just a little); and then you add your RRRs to this equation and you’ll notice how much more ‘focus’ your tongue trills will suddenly project with NNDRRR.  I’ve witnessed many pupils go through the bender with the tongue trills, but this little quick-fix trick should take care of the problem.

For more information on how to do the tongue trills with better focus, take a look at some of my pupils in my latest video clips on my YouTube channel. Click here!  

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