Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why You Must Listen, Listen and Listen Again to get it Right in Vocal Training

The beauty of pre-recorded vocal training programs is the convenience and affordability of it, not to mention they actually give you a workout regimen to follow, that takes away even the need to think and plan—because it’s all there set up and ready to go in a sequence that brings about results. However, there are pitfalls to be stumbled upon no doubt, and this is what has inspired me to write this article. I want to talk a little bit about WHY people fail to get it right when going it alone, and the best ways to stay on the straight and narrow to help you circumvent the stumbling blocks.

The key is to listen. Listen to the examples, listen to the piano and listen to yourself. I’ve witnessed too often how overzealous some people are. Not only do they not pay any attention to instruction, they don’t even bother to listen to the piano... which means they sing off key and do whatever the heck they like, absolutely contrary to what’s on the tape. Now this sort of conduct gets you nowhere. You will learn nothing. You may as well forget about vocal training and choose another vocation or hobby.

Now I’ve mentioned the 3 Ls. Listen, Listen and Listen! You’re not only training your voice here, you’re also training your ear. So if you don’t listen to examples; if you don’t listen to the piano; there is no way your voice will work in key with the music. Am I making any sense? Someone submitted a tape via WhatsApp today wherein they breathe in-between a scale—when the example given isn’t at all like that, it illustrates a single breath intake for the entire scale—the result, as I listened to this astonishing recording, was a series of off notes, off key deliveries, and exercises being done not in accordance with the pattern of the piano. It’s like they quickly invented their own thing for their own convenience and threw that into a vocal workout that is destined to have them fail miserably.

In Summary: Not listening to demonstrations and not planning your vocal workouts in accordance with what has clearly been spelt out to you, is planning to fail. Time isn’t going anywhere. If it is going to take you a week just to listen to tapes to figure out what you need to do to get it right, then so be it! It would be a lot wiser than rushing into it. There’s no hurry. Take your time. Aim to get it right. And you will become a better singer.

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