Sunday, April 17, 2016

Airtel Trace Music Star Season 2 Underway: Up for the Challenge?

It's another season for Airtel Trace Music Star and in Tanzania—particularly, the word is OUT exclusively via social media. I’m sitting on the judge panel again this season, sifting through all the Tanzania entries along with my fellow judges Jokate and Lucci, and with every sitting, we’re seeing more and more potential stars. It is quite amazing how much talent there is hidden out there. And this is one of the reasons I am so passionate about this event—I mean, look at last year’s pan African winner, Mayunga.

If I’m honest, Tanzania has every chance of winning the pan African competition again this year, and this is why I want you to know what we expect of you in order for you to make the grade for Tanzania’s Top 5 this season.

First and foremost we’re looking for real talent. And what I am looking for especially is a voice that can be molded from zero to pro in 10 hours, before they hit the stage to compete at the Tanzania Grand Finale.

I will explain so this is succinctly clear: If your voice has major issues like, you’re prone to shouting; your placement isn’t right and so forth, and I think I cannot break you in 10 hours… then you’re not what I’m looking for. Just so you know. And I’m a fair person, so I will give you a couple of tips on how to refine your voice for the challenge.

I have noticed something very interesting about some multiple entries, where a contestant would sing a bongo flava song and NOT make the grade for selection into the top ten, but when that same individual makes another entry with an international song, suddenly, they sound amazing and they are selected into the top 10 that week. This can only mean one thing… that this is a singing competition. So it is imperative that you select a song that will showcase your true potential as a singer. Don’t worry too much about being unable to hit certain notes, let me be the judge of that. If you’ve got talent, I can fix your voice in training.

And speaking of training, as I did last year, I will be coaching the Top 5 this year as well—at no cost to you. It’s free. If you would like a little online vocal coaching before you make your Airtel Trace Music Star submissions, I have published a rather interesting article in Kiswahili on my blog, “Mpangilio Maalum wa Kujifunza Kuimba na Joett Kupitia WhatsApp.” I wish you the very best.

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