Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Amazing Advantages of Custom Made Vocal Training Exercises

When it comes to prerecorded vocal training exercises, generally, for convenience, they would involve exercises that are intended for everybody. Wherein, you would begin your scales from bass to soprano to complete the entire exercise. Well, you’re allowed to end where your range hits its limit. And that’s fine, but can you imagine how much more you can do when prerecorded training is actually tailored to you? This article takes a closer look at the concept of custom-made vocal training exercises and how to go about getting something tailored to you.

I for one am a huge fan of the prerecorded vocal training program, because it moves my classes along really quickly and hits your vocals from every possible angle within a designated program and time scale. And above all, it is very organized. In ten hours, doing an hour a day, you literally get to repeat the same exercises to complete a 10-hour course from Beginners 1 through Intermediate, Advanced, Pro, Pro 2 and Pro Club programs. Your training gets more and more challenging with every program. And it works perfectly—like clockwork. However, in this article, I want to talk a little bit about the added advantage of combining both standard prerecorded exercises with custom-made drills. So let’s begin.

In my article Vocal Workout Drills Exclusive Audio Tapes (Case Study #1), I talk you through how vocal training is conducted in my voice studio with a case study article in which I work with my pupil on piano. The session is recorded on my Dictaphone and the tape is uploaded to my Hulkshare page which links back to my blog post. This particular pupil has challenges a prerecorded standard program cannot fix because they’re unable to perform any of the exercises. And so this is where, a custom-made program tailored to the pupil is very helpful. Just to give you an idea, when I took this pupil back to my standard program after working with them on piano for a couple of lessons, they were able to do the exercises they’d previously failed to do. The same applies with pupils who, initially, performed well with the standard program and with whom I use my customized sessions to further develop their voice. And so what I have stumbled upon is an innovative vocal training module that can work for you too. And here’s how.

When running a pupil through training on piano, I would record the session on my Dictaphone—a very simple but immensely useful tool—and simply send them the mp3 files on email. Now, because the pupil will have worked with me in my studio according to their ability and range, and taking into account the different steps I took to fix specific problems, when they go home, all they need to do is playback the tapes and simply do the training along with them. It really is that simple. Nothing beats the custom-made vocal training program that comes off a vocal training session that you yourself has been through—tailored to you. 

If you would like custom-made vocal training exercises created for you, you have the option to sign up for my 3-hour Quick Start Program; or the 10-hour Speech Level Singing Program, and the tapes we record become yours for free. For more information on how to get started, click here

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